Winter Olympics Thrill Thousands (Apr, 1936)

Yes, THOUSANDS! T.V. sure did change the Olympics.

Winter Olympics Thrill Thousands
SCIENCE and engineering joined forces to provide the most spectacular features of the Winter Olympics held in Germany, bob sledding and ski jumping. Into the scientifically designed, ice banked curves of the runways engineers put all the skill that was at their command, while their work on the ski scaffold make possible jumps of more than 250 feet.

  1. Don says: December 6, 20075:42 am

    The thrill of agony; the victory of defeat!

  2. Bob says: December 6, 20077:49 am

    I heard of one competitor that got drunk on the way over, and removed their self, since they displayed unsportman like conduct. Something else that has changed.

  3. Stannous says: December 6, 20078:14 pm

    Considering how their ratings have tanked over the last few Olympiads these numbers may not be far off.

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