Wireless music for home entertainments (Mar, 1922)

Wireless music for home entertainments

ENTERTAIN your friends with radio concerts, enjoy the fascination of radio as a hobby, make wireless a profitable part of your business, get news and market reports before they are published, take public speeches off the air. With a simple receiving set and a Radio MAGNAVOX you can do all this, and more, too, in your own home or office. The front cover of this magazine shows how easy it is, with a Radio MAGNAVOX.

Practically every variety of vocal and instrumental music from jazz to grand opera, news reports in plain English, and many other special features are radio broadcasted daily, free to anyone with the simple equipment to receive and reproduce them. Read the article in this issue.

The Radio MAGNAVOX will reproduce them for many people at the same time. Without the MAGNAVOX only the operator wearing a head set can hear. Simply substitute the MAGNAVOX for the head set, hook up with a Magnavox Power Amplifier, and an audience of one or one thousand may hear perfectly. This MAGNAVOX equipment enables everything received by radio to be swelled in volume to the full sound intensity required for any occasion, without losing even the most delicate tone modulations or a single bit of the original clearness and distinctness. It makes a radio set adaptable for office, store or factory use, and the use of radio music practical for home entertainment, concerts and dances. It adds to any set the final touch of up-to-the-minute completeness and multiplies its scope and usefulness many times over.

You yourself can operate the MAGNAVOX the very first day without any previous training or experience. The hook-up is easy, and there are no adjustments. The few instructions necessary furnished free with each outfit. The entire cost no more than the price of a good phonograph.

Any first class radio dealer will install-it for you, and give you any further assistance required.

The Magnavox Company are world pioneers in the development of sound amplifying apparatus. It was MAGNAVOX apparatus used by the U. S. Navy and the U. S. Signal Corps to perfect their communication during the Great War. It is MAGNAVOX apparatus now being used by the majority of prominent speakers for addressing large audiences. The facilities and experience which developed this apparatus are back of each piece of equipment bearing the MAGNAVOX trade mark, and are available to you now in making radio simpler, more useful and more enjoyable. Write us a letter or mail the coupon below to our nearest office for FREE Magnavox folder.

Radio Magnavox

  1. Charlene says: September 16, 200812:27 pm

    Hard to realize that to our grandparents radio was as amazing a concept as wireless internet radio is to us.

  2. Anne says: September 17, 20084:05 pm

    I like the “news reports in plain English” part. What else would the news reports be in?

  3. George says: September 17, 20085:08 pm

    Maybe they meant the news reports are spoken English instead being transmitted in Morse code.

  4. Anne says: September 17, 20086:28 pm

    Ah! That would make sense, George. I hadn’t even thought about that.

  5. Toronto says: September 17, 20088:02 pm

    Imagine being one of those early listeners, listening in on your bakelite headphones, transcribing Morse just for fun, when suddenly a voice came on and said ‘test, test” and played some album oriented rock (or whatever.) Okay, that was in 1906. By ’22 the broadcasts were a lot more regular.

    These add-on amps and speakers would let you share it with the family (the music and voice – not the Morse. A little dah-dit goes a long way as family entertainment.)

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