Swords collected from the various countries in which he has visited form the interesting collection of Richard Ames, Jr., Houston, Tex. He is shown above with some of his trophies.

Even the movie stars have their hobbies. Jeanette MacDonald collects small jeweled trinkets and novelties. She is shown here with a portion of her novel collection of porcelain and glass what-nots.

The hobby of Charles Jones of Vancouver, B. C., has attracted people from all parts of the world. His tame bird aviaries include specimens from many lands such as Bengalese and Saffron Finches, Indian Waxwings, Borneo Pintails and others.

Even kings follow railroading as a hobby. King Boris of Bulgaria is shown in the cab of a German express train ready to take over the throttle. Besides being interested in actual railroading he is an ardent miniature fan. Left—This miniature amusement park, a replica of a real park near Williamsport, Pa., was constructed by Donald L. Pysher during spare hours. The park is provided with a Ferris Wheel, Merry-Go-Round, Pool, Dance Casino and other amusements.

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