Woman Is Expert Deep Sea Diver (Nov, 1929)

They should have had another label on the picture, pointing at her head with the text “Woman”. Considering we’re too stupid to understand what a diving helmet or air tube looks like, why should we know what a woman looks like either?

Woman Is Expert Deep Sea Diver
CLAIMING the distinction of being the only woman deep sea diver in the world, Mrs. Winifred Height, of Wilmington, California, recently brought to the surface the barrel of a brass cannon that experts state belongs to the period of early Spanish occupation of California. Mrs. Height learned the occupation from her husband, who has gained fame as an under-water worker.

  1. Steve says: August 28, 20085:21 am

    You’re right Charlie. They should also probably have arrows pointing out “man”, “wheel”, “boat” and “shoes” 🙂

  2. Mike says: August 28, 20086:03 am

    Is that one guy trying to cop a feel?

  3. Toronto says: August 28, 20081:38 pm

    With a hard hat suit, it’s more like “copper feel.”

  4. Caroline Miniscule says: December 31, 200812:50 am

    Oh, come on. You’re looking at this 80 year old picture through 2008 eyes. Back then – no TV, very few movies featuring divers, etv – how were they supposed to no. They could easily have thought the air hose to be rope. And the helmet – some mysrerious boat tool.

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