Wooden Balls Speed Cycle Races (Jan, 1932)

Wooden Balls Speed Cycle Races
LES BLAKEBOROUGH, the well known English dirt track motorcycle rider, has recently invented an entirely new back wheel for his racing machine, which consists of a series of large wooden balls mounted on the rim in place of the conventional pneumatic tire.
The inventor claims his device makes broadsiding more rapid, and also makes it possible to broadside on hard surfaces.

  1. MAKE: Blog says: July 18, 200612:43 pm

    Wooden ball speed cycle wheels…

    Hmm, seems like something worth (re)making, I wonder if they’re better than pneumatics for dirt – Modern Mechanix 1932 – Link…….

  2. Daniel Rutter says: July 19, 20066:31 am

    It would, of course, be difficult to even keep the bits of wood on the wheel and in one piece if you put them on a modern dirt bike instead of a 15 horsepower one from 1932.

    Compared with straight-groove treaded crossply tyres, a bunch of lumps of wood might actually give better dirt traction. They’d be vastly inferior to even modern _road_ tyres, though.

  3. dave says: July 23, 20067:56 am

    That looks pretty ibteresting

  4. holy roller mania says: December 15, 20106:26 pm

    Yes, Dave, that’s very ibteresting.

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