Wooden Jet Mockups (Mar, 1948)

Wooden Jet Mockups
Canadians are saving time and money by making jet-engine mock-ups of pine, mahogany and cherry wood instead of metal. From blueprints, woodworkers make full-scale patterns of every component part and accessory, except piping, on proposed engines. Completed assemblies are then inspected by designers and engineers for possible changes. Shortcomings or design improvements are more easily spotted with the aid of the three-dimensional mockups than with blueprints alone. After approval, the patterns help foundrymen in casting parts for the actual engine.

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  1. Stannous says: January 8, 20085:18 pm

    I’ve seen at sites of a few different aircraft museums pics of full-size wooden mock-ups of ME 163’s and/or their engines.
    I wonder what ever became of these in the article, they look pretty cool.

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