Wooden Knives and Forks for Polar Explorers (May, 1939)

Wooden Knives and Forks for Polar Explorers

Making wooden tableware for use by polar explorers is a curious side line of an Oregon woodworker. From carefully selected wood, he fashions knives, forks, and spoons that will be taken along by expeditions to the arctic and antarctic. At the extremely low temperatures encountered in the polar regions, metal cutlery freezes to the hands of persons using it.

  1. Nick Moffitt says: March 23, 20084:13 am

    Looks like this is one Oregonian who’s lost a few knuckles on his left hand.

  2. ian says: February 24, 20104:36 am

    Notice the guy operatingt he bandsaw…….looks like he didn tknow what he was doing….missing finger….

  3. Andrew L. Ayers says: May 8, 20101:28 am

    My first impression was of the bandsaw; I’ve seen some large woodworking machinery (my high school woodshop was as old as this article and had machinery from the era), but I’ve never seen a bandsaw that large…

    As far as the guy’s hand is concerned, that doesn’t look like a saw injury; it actually looks like what would be left after having your hand crushed. Whatever it was, it was probably pretty painful. Hope he got plenty of morphine…

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