World’s Biggest Plane Makes First Flight – Spruce Goose (Dec, 1947)

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World’s Biggest Plane Makes First Flight – Spruce Goose

View forward on flight deck of 400,000-lb. flying boat shows upper level of nose. In back- ground Hughes discusses plans for taxi test with flight engineer and radio operator.

The biggest airplane in the world, Howard Hughes’ huge flying boat, has taken to the air at last. Hughes himself, shown above at the controls, unexpectedly lifted the big ship between 70 and 80 feet in the air during a taxi test in Los Angeles harbor.

Workmen dwarfed by huge center section of $25,000,000 plane give idea of vast size. Its wing span is 320 feet; length, 219 feet. Plane hit 100 m.p.h, during first test.

  1. hip2b2 says: November 19, 20082:51 pm

    and ONLY flight… 70 feet (21 m) off the water at a speed of 135 mph (217 km/h or 117 knots) for around a mile (1.6 km)

    ref. Wikipedia

  2. spayced says: November 20, 200812:16 am

    It’s debatable whether it hovered on ground effect flight, and was actually incapable of true flight.

  3. HonestJohn says: November 27, 20088:34 pm

    There is no debate, if you look at the films you can see that
    the huge plane was capable of flight.

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