Worlds First Washeteria Opened (Jan, 1936)

A new idea promptly put to work has resulted in a fast growing business for Mr. C. A. Tannahill of Fort Worth, Texas. He decided women who did not have room for a modern laundry in their home would be glad to pay to do their own washing in a place that did. He established the worlds first washeteria, and found he was right.

  1. Anne says: April 7, 20081:38 pm

    I wonder how the fees were determined? By the hour, by the pound or by the number of washes done.

  2. Kate says: May 29, 20085:52 pm

    In Alaska, the word washeteria is still routinely used; however it has come to mean a laundromat with shower facilities. They are quite common in rural, remote areas and in areas that have a large transient population (such as fishermen).

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