IF this isn’t the biggest pistol in the world, we’d just as soon not meet the champ. R. G. Wilson of Fulton, Mich., turns out these giant .45-70 copies of the Wild West’s famed .45-cal-iber Colt single-action Peacemaker, and at $250 each he can’t make ’em fast enough to meet the demand.

  1. Jerry Martin says: July 31, 20085:11 pm

    I have the largest pistol in the world. 38″ Long.

  2. Chris says: January 28, 20092:22 pm

    … Thats a cane dumbass…

  3. Colton says: April 12, 200911:45 pm

    That is not the best or largest gun in the world. The largest pistol in the world is the Smith & Wesson 500 Magnum. Look it up its a beast.

  4. stillwell19 says: July 28, 200912:09 am

    the worlds largest rifle is the 600 nitro express now thats a beast

  5. Firebrand38 says: July 28, 20099:40 am

    Only if you ignore the .700 Nitro Express…

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  7. Tony says: December 22, 20104:58 am

    The largest except an 8 ga sawed . Please contact me.
    Thank you .

  8. john says: February 15, 20112:55 pm

    elephent gun is biggest

  9. John says: February 15, 20112:57 pm

    john: Yeaaah, elephant guns are rifles not pistols. Really not fair to compare them. Thanks for playing, you didn’t win the Grand Prize but you’ll leave with the home version of Modern Mechanix.

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