World’s Largest Vacuum Cleaner Keeps Rail Bed Clean (Feb, 1930)

World’s Largest Vacuum Cleaner Keeps Rail Bed Clean
THE Pennsylvania railroad has perfected the largest vacuum cleaning machine in the world to keep clean the right of way near principal terminals. The powerful machine lifts the stone ballast and foreign matter from along the track into a great cleaning chamber and then redistributes the thoroughly cleaned ballast rock along the rails and ties. It accomplishes the work at the rate of thirty-three feet in three minutes.

  1. Mike says: November 30, 20117:02 pm

    Eleven feet per minute didn’t sound impressive, but thirty-three feet in three minutes does.

  2. Toronto says: November 30, 20117:53 pm

    Perhaps three minutes is how often it needs maintenance. Or the reporter’s attention span.

    It’s also 1/8 mile per hour, give or take. How long does it take to cultivate a furlong?

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