World’s Smallest Auto Demands Traffic Equality (Feb, 1929)

World’s Smallest Auto Demands Traffic Equality

TRAFFIC regulations have made no qualifications concerning the size of a car. Here is the world’s smallest car taking the right of way in Brooklyn, N. Y. Officer Thomas Hallman was rather surprised when Master Bernard Muller and his playmate, Miss Adele Wallack, rolled up to the corner. An approaching street car was far the biggest but the tiny car had the right of way, so the officer held up traffic for it.

This miniature automobile was built by Isidor Lubin of Brooklyn. Mr. Lubin is a mechanic by trade and used old parts for the major portion of this car. The actual size of the car can be gathered from its measurements. It is 28 inches wide, 58 inches long and 36 inches high.

Mechanically the car is right. The little motor will get from 70 to 80 miles on a gallon of gasoline.

  1. rick says: September 24, 20095:54 pm

    Reminds me of Jaques Tati’s car in “Mr. Hulot’s Holiday”.


  2. jayessell says: September 24, 20098:38 pm

    It looks like the crushed but still drivable car from one of the Laurel and Hardy shorts.

    (No, not the one sawed in half at the sawmill.)

  3. -DOUG- says: September 24, 20098:55 pm

    Not just better gas mileage than the Smartcar, but it’s probably safer, too. Oh, to be in an age where they let you build things like that. Today, in an age where teenagers are tried as child pornographers for pictures of themselves they send on their phones, I shutter to think of what they’d do to the kid driving that car today.

    But I have to say it reminds ME of George Clooney.


    If not for the $100k pricetag I could consider getting one. I guess there’s the alternative of the Trivette. I guess they call the current model the Wgilante.


  4. Firebrand38 says: September 24, 20098:55 pm

    jayessell: Like this one from 1930 Hog Wild http://www.photosofolda… later recreated in County Hospital

  5. -DOUG- says: September 24, 20099:19 pm

    And since I brought up ths Smartcar, and the subject is CRUSHED cars:…|htmlws-main|dl4|link5|

  6. Miriam Lubin says: November 10, 20107:18 pm

    I am Miriam Lubin, daughter of Isidor Lubin (Smallest Car)
    I was shocked to see this article on the internet.
    Would you know what became of this car?
    I believe it was built in Boston, and perhaps used for advertising.
    Thank you for a reply.
    Miriam Lubin

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