World’s Tiniest TV Camera (Apr, 1956)

For 1956 that is actually an impressively small camera.

World’s Tiniest TV Camera
Telecasting of programs by means of a TV camera palmed in the operator’s hand is forecast as a result of the recent development of a new electronic device in West Germany. As shown in the photo (left), the video pickup is smaller than many microphones. Heart of the instrument is a miniature tube called the ‘Mini-Resitron.”

This camera works in pretty much the same way as conventional, larger TV “eyes,” converting optical images into electrical signals. Operation depends largely on a sensitive layer of semi-conductor material developed by Prof. I. Walter Heimann. The inside of the camera is an amazingly compact array of tiny components and intricate wiring. Subminia-ture tubes and other parts are clustered around the “Mini-Resitron,” while a flexible metal hose is wrapped around the cable that leads from the camera.

Still in the experimental stage, the new unit will probably go into production some time later this year.

  1. techraptor says: May 31, 20087:47 am

    Ebay ad: for sale 1 web cam made in 1956. LOL

    What could’ve been the resolution?

  2. Andrew L. Ayers says: May 13, 20102:58 pm

    Hmm – the article reads “resitron” – but I am finding online various camera tubes (at least, references) for “resistron”; same thing, I wonder?

  3. Firebrand38 says: May 13, 20103:39 pm

    Andrew: Good catch. They misspelled it. In a 1955 issue of Broadcasting magazine it’s described as, “It is equipped with a Mini-Resistron tube which is 90 mm long and has a diameter of 15 mm”…

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