WORLDS YOUNGEST HAM is eight-year-old Elizabeth Deck, San Bruno, Cal., who has her novice license, call letters ENGMTQ.

  1. jraregris says: September 26, 20065:12 pm

    Just to be picky; that’s KNGMTQ.

  2. Casandro says: September 27, 20068:03 am

    This is definitely not true. I know of a radio-ham that’s even younger. He was born in 1961 therefore when this issue came out he was -5 years young.

  3. Jeffery Wright says: October 24, 20075:56 am

    she was, of course, immediately stalked by ham radio pedo’s… what was the freguency for myspace back then? har!

  4. Tom says: January 23, 20089:52 pm

    To be even pickier, the call would have been KN6MTQ, the G in the original piece had to have been a typo as ham calls would have a number designating the district. 6 would be California. The N in the call represents “novice” and if the kid successfully upgraded, the call would have become K6MTQ

    Just sayin’

    Tom NU4G

  5. Jim Young says: March 17, 200810:14 pm

    The callsign is KN6MTQ. It is a ‘6’, not a ‘G’.

  6. Dave Babson says: August 3, 20086:25 am

    Not true. Guy Mitchell, of Buckingham, IA, received his ham radio license at the age of 5 yrs., 2 months in 1977. Check “Now You’re Talking!”

  7. Stan says: January 5, 200910:36 am

    My local VE Team had these two 4-yr olds… incredible! They were home schooled and filled out the Form 605 by themselves!


  8. Stan says: January 5, 200910:37 am

    Oops, forgot the URL.…

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