Would You Dare Ask This Girl for a Date (Feb, 1934)

Would You Dare Ask This Girl for a Date

SHE IS very pretty—and look at her stunning figure! Suppose you should meet this lovely girl —would you dare ask her for a date? Or would you be self-conscious about your appearance ? Would you be ashamed of your poor physique in comparison with her perfect beauty? Would you say to yourself, “What could a beautiful girl like that see in me? Why, she’d laugh at my skinny, funny looking body. I’d look like a scarecrow alongside of her!”

Get a New Body—Quick!

Let me give you a new body—a handsome, muscular, powerful body —in less time than you think possible! Let me show you how easy it is to gain superb health, strength and vitality by my amazing new method of “MIRACLE EXPANSION”. No old-fashioned, tedious exercise, no apparatus. This is the modern, quick way to develop a brawny, beautifully proportioned body.


TITUS School of Physical Culture
39 Union Square, West, Dept. W-2, New York City

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