Would you Gamble 3 cents to win HAPPINESS? (Jul, 1946)

Would you Gamble 3 cents to win HAPPINESS?

THREE CENTS—the price of a postage stamp-is not much of a gamble, and the stakes are high! If you are discontented, unhappy, not getting ahead … if you are worried about rising living costs and what you are going to do when the war is over … if you want to feel equal to other people mentally and financially . . . then you will want to know something about the easy to use principles of self-improvement taught by the Mayan Order. Many people who have used this secret system claim wonderful improvement in mind power. Some give credit to Mayan teachings for helping gain new love from wives or husbands. Many say that now, for the first time, they can face the future with confidence and without fear. Others tell of astonishing new health.

The Mayan Order is a secret brotherhood which bases its teachings on the traditional wisdom of that mysterious race of astrologers and temple builders, the ancient Mayans of Mexico and Central America. They deal with the problem of making PRAYERS work; how to use your subconscious mind, and thousands of other practical, helpful suggestions.

If you are an average man or woman who is in a rut financially and mentally, the cost of a postage stamp may alter your whole life. All you’re gambling is 3c—so you can’t lose.

The Mayan Order will be glad to send a copy of their FREE book, Mayan Mysteries, which explains Mayan teachings. It tells of the surprising accomplishments of your own mind and how to put cosmic power on YOUR side. There is no obligation in mailing the coupon. You decide for yourself what to do after you read the FREE book, Mayan Mysteries. Don’t just sit and wait and wish for a better life— DO SOMETHING. Mail the coupon NOW.

Rose Dawn, brilliant radio personality known to millions, wants others to benefit from Mayanry as she has done!


  1. Firebrand38 says: July 15, 200712:49 pm

    Ms. Rose Dawn sure looks happy! What were they thinking?

  2. jayessell says: July 15, 20072:54 pm

    This offer expires December 21st, 2012.

  3. Blurgle says: July 15, 20075:00 pm

    What were they thinking?


  4. Rick Auricchio says: July 15, 20077:32 pm

    “The Mayan Order is a secret brotherhood…”

    But of course we’ll send you the whole packet of secrets for free.

  5. ray deleon says: February 18, 20085:26 pm

    Hello Mayans:

    I was a member of the order many year ago in 1970. I still have all the monographs which i’m now reviewing. I would like to know if my name is still in your records. My phone no . 407-888-3527.


    please send me the phone no. of the order.

  6. StarInitiate says: February 2, 20092:52 pm

    You have no idea what you missed out on! The Spiritual Laws and Principles taught

    through this esoteric order are astounding, by far more advanced than most of what you

    have previously studied.

    TO: Firebrand38;

    Ms. Rose Dawn is happy, and very serious about your happiness.

    TO: jayessell

    If you would have taken the time to study with The Mayan Order you would have a

    comprehensive understanding of the Mayan Calander.

    TO: Blurgle

    What do you understand about “THOUGHT”. The Mayan Order has much to teach us about this

    faculty of MIND.

    TO: ray deleon

    You have the instruction recorded in your mind, the “purses which wax not old”.

    I may be contacted at ” [email protected] “.

    All good blessings,


  7. StarInitiate says: February 2, 20093:16 pm

    TO: Rick Auricchio

    Here’s a special comment for you. Understanding the Universal Principle Of Rhythm in it’s aspect of the Law of Compensation.

    The Law of Compensation plays an important part in the lives of men and women. It will
    he noticed that one generally “pays the price” of anything he possesses or lacks. If he has
    one thing, he lacks another–the balance is struck. No one can “keep his penny and have the
    bit of cake” at the same time. Everything has its pleasant and unpleasant sides. The things
    that one gains are always paid for by the things that one loses. The rich possess much that
    the poor lack, while the poor often possess things that are beyond the reach of the rich. The
    millionaire may have the inclination toward feasting, and the wealth wherewith to secure all
    the dainties and luxuries of the table, while he lacks the appetite to enjoy the same; he
    envies the appetite and digestion of the laborer, who lacks the wealth and inclinations of the
    millionaire, and who gets more pleasure from his plain food than the millionaire could obtain
    even if his appetite were not jaded, nor his digestion ruined, for the wants, habits and
    inclinations differ. And so it is through life. The Law of Compensation is ever in operation,
    striving to balance and counter-balance, and always succeeding in time, even though
    several lives may be required for the return swing of the Pendulum of Rhythm.


  8. Mercedes says: February 2, 20098:07 pm

    Is there a phone number or current address for the Order


  9. StarInitiate says: February 2, 200910:54 pm

    TO: Mercedes

    I have the address and phone number you’ll find if you google “Mayan Order”. Once I

    confirm this information I’ll publish it.

    It’s interesting there is so little information concerning the Mayan Order available on

    the net considering the tremendous influence this Order has had on society. Far more of

    an influence than you may realize.

    The disapperance of the Order seems as mysterious as the disapperance of the

    civilization upon whose esoteric teachings the Order is founded.

    The last filing of copyright for “Daily Meditation” and “Mayan Summer Revival”,

    publications of the Mayan Order, occured in 1981. This is the year I resigned from

    active participation in the Order, therefore I do not know what became of the Order.

    However, I’ve a hunch I intend to follow up on. The Order had much to teach regarding

    intuition. It is also my intention to gather as much information as I possibly can

    regarding the history of the Order, and publishing this information across the World

    Wide Web, that others may have accurate information to research.

    While I pleged to keep the teachings of the Order secret, I was also taught by the Order

    to teach others who were worthy to receive the instruction. Knowledge increases by

    sharing it with others.

    You may contact me at ” [email protected] “.

    All good blessings,


  10. Carlos Lozano says: May 22, 200911:52 pm

    The teachings of the MAYAN ORDER are self revealing to the seeker of truth the knowledge shared is a blessing of more value than the WROLD ;for the soul recieves knowledge of the KING OF KINGS and real understanding of life and THE GOLDEN RULE that will establish THE KINGDOM OF GOD in THE WROLD lets make THE WROLD a beter place for all of us lets start doing for others what we want others to do for us THAT IS THE WAY THE LIFE AND THE TRUTH. THINK ABOUT IT, AS YOU SOW SO SHALL YOU REAP {PRAY FOR THE WROLD} COMPANIONS you may contact me at [email protected]

  11. Firebrand38 says: May 23, 200912:11 am

    HI! Billy Mays here for the Mayan Order. Plus if you call now, we’ll include this information on the Aztec Order ABSOLUTELY FREE! So you get it all. The Mayan Order, the sacrificial altar, the head dress AND the Aztec Order for one low price!

  12. Don says: May 23, 20097:45 am

    But wait! If you call within the next twenty minutes, we’ll DOUBLE your order!!

    Yes, that’s TWO Mayan Orders, TWO sacrificial altars, TWO head dresses and TWO Aztec Orders for this low, low price!!!

    Operators are standing by . . . .

  13. -DOUG- says: May 24, 20093:35 pm

    You scoff so publicly, but I remind you, someone has to BE that human sacrafice.

    So how do you know that doubling your order doesn’t mean twice the secrets of the universe? Twice the self improvement? Twice the mind power? Don’t take people lightly if they vanished after being astrologers AND temple builders.

    If I was making this special offer, it would be “Act now, and you’ll also receive our guide to ‘Suggesting the Unsuggestable.’ Even the ancient Mayans struggled with this, and they had thousands of suggestions to make. Order now and we’ll also waive the Law of Compensation. That’s right, no balance will have to be struck as you digest our secret brotherhood.” (Well, I guess the rich can’t digest it anymore.)

    I guess the only thing missing at this point would be “Frankly, I can’t understand why anyone would hesitate to take advantage of this. . . .” That isn’t one of the Mayan Mysteries.

  14. -DOUG- says: May 24, 20094:54 pm

    Just sitting here during the MANY yellow flags at Indy and reading up on these people, and oh wow, what fun reading about what fools OTHER PEOPLE are. This is the empire that animal part transplant built.

    In creating the AMORC Rosicrucian order, H. Spencer Lewis took European occult principles . . . and inserted symbolism taken from ancient Egypt, thus capitalizing on public enthusiasm for Egyptian civilization that was current at the time. . . I suspect Rose Dawn imitated Lewis in creating her rival Order of the Ancient Mayans. In great measure, she merely substituted equivalent Mayan symbols for Egyptian ones. Instead of Lewis’ green biweekly mail-order lessons emblazoned with Egyptian architecture and Egyptian hieroglyphics, she sold red biweekly mail-order lessons decorated with Mayan architecture and Mayan hieroglyphics.
    Cultural Genetics
    -William Sims Bainbridge

    Turns out she worked for the man for whom the term ‘Quack’ was originated for his goat testicle transplants and other medical miracles, a man who didn’t finish medical school at Johns Hopkins but managed to get a license to practice medicine in Kansas. When it was revoked he ran for governor as a write in candidate to get it back and won, but the state didn’t recognize him. He got a lot of write in votes in other states, too. You see, he had his own radio stations, and would tell the audience to ‘Ask your doctor to put you on this neat drug.’ Of course it was always his drug he was marketing.

    He had to flee Kansas, and sought a nice, safe border town in Texas where he’d be harder to locate and arrest.

    He arrived on November first, 1933; with a forty-person retinue of talent and soon began broadcasting with The Story Lady, Rose Dawn the Astrologer, Dr. Brinkley’s Medical Question Box, Koran the Mystic Knight of the Mayan Order, and other music and religious programs.
    The Two JRB’s Tour Guide to Val Verde and Coahuila

    And from what I’m reading it was actually Koran’s movement, along with girlfriend Rose and Dr. Quack And unlike Brinkley, Koran and Rose Dawn didn’t generate bad publicity in own name. William and Isabel Taylor went incognito among the local San Antonio Methodist congregation, which named their still standing Taylor Hall for them.

    Their Mayan Order Revival Hall is also still standing, self described as a ‘New Age Self Help organization from the 1930’s.(I do believe that’s 50 years too old to be New Age.) ‘ I’m finding there was a ’10th Revelation’ in 1966, but I can’f find what that revelation WAS, or anything about the other 9.

    I think we need to learn more about Rose Dawn, Koran, and this Dr. Goat Testicle. THIS is what the Modern Mechanix blog is all about. (Especially any info on how you, too, can have goat testicles.)

    And in an unrelated note, God Bless Helio. He deserves this.

  15. Firebrand38 says: May 24, 20095:01 pm

    I can’t speak for Don, but rest assured I scoff in private as well.

    Human sacrifice requiring humans? Thanks for pointing that out. And remember, no matter where you go….there you are!

    Hate to bring this up Doug, but reading two copies of Mayan Mysteries probably won’t count as twice the secrets of the universe (but you knew that).

  16. Don says: May 24, 20097:33 pm

    Scoff, scoff, scoff, scoff;
    Scoff, scoff, scoff, scoff . . . .

    That public enough? Yeah, I’m scoffing at the whole idea of “Mayan Order” and “Mayan Mysterys”.

    And while I’m at it, I’ll scoff at prayer, too . . . what a waste of time . . . .

  17. Firebrand38 says: May 24, 20097:37 pm

    That’s some fine scoffing there Don!

  18. Don says: May 24, 20097:42 pm

    Firebrand38 KNOWs scoffing!

  19. -DOUG- says: May 24, 20098:16 pm

    >Hate to bring this up Doug, but reading two copies of Mayan Mysteries probably won’t count as twice the secrets of the universe

    But how can you know until you’ve read them both? And if I go there, how am I supposed to know it’s really me? Look her up on Amazon.com, Rose Dawn wrote much books. You can publish all the secrets of the universe, but there’s nothing to keep that sneaky universe from thinking up new secrets once you’re done.

    Don’t tell me you hate to bring it up, you know you’re loving it. They’ll chose you as a sacrafice yet. So we’re just going to have to call you, Don, and some other randomly selected person here the 3 Scoffetteers. I guess that would make me Dougtagnian. (The cute one.)

    But we still need to hear something from StarInitiate. If Dawn Rose is happy and concerned about Firebrand38’s happiness, that would make her what? 103 years old? This would certainly be an interesting thing if she was still alive. So I read that Dr. Goat Testicle died in 1941, the story being he had a heart attack when the Feds ordered his last radio station closed down. Maybe S.I. can find out for us how they effected the transition from the station to their own temple without the Docs’ money.

    (Still wondering if the Doc really did, uh, CLEAR OUT THE SPACE for those things, then really attached them, or if he only TOLD the patients that he did. He did let the patient pick out his own goat. What a GREAT thing to have funded the Mayan Order startup. Gives new meaning to the “purses which wax not old”.)

  20. Starinitiate says: May 25, 200911:38 pm

    Well, hello Doug and Firebrand!

    It’s nice to know your showing an interest in this blog, even though you enthusiasm for the Mayan Order isn’t of the highest esteem.

    Doug, would you be so kind as to provide viable documentation as to the references you’ve made regarding my Order. I would be interested to know your sources of information. I’ve a hunch your source is the only “quack”. As for the “10th Revelation”, this was simply the 10th lesson received by the new member.

    My reference to Rose Dawns concern for Firebrands happiness is in the fact that she was truly concerned about the well-being and happiness of others.

  21. -DOUG- says: May 26, 20092:28 am

    If you left the group in 1981, why do you call it your own? The expression ‘Quack’ is short for ‘Quacksalver,’ a person who is boastful of his offerings. To be a quack—well, I’ll get back to that. Goat testical implants, too.

    Well, two of the references are already up there, I attributed the quotes.

    Then there’s ‘Border Radio,’ by Gene Fowler and Bill Crawford. Koran is on the cover in full regalia. It includes such tidbits as that the offering of the Mayan Order in this ad is to send you info on how to send $4.98 (Worth 15 times that today) to get started. I guess the average person is making less than a buck an hour at the time. Koran got the idea for the Mayan Order on a trip to the Mayan ruins, but from what I’m reading I’d say he’d already been doing Koran the Mystic Knight of the Mayan Order for 4 years at that point. Someone might have gotten dates mixed up.

    There was a magazine for magicians and mentalists, ‘The Linking Ring,’ which published in May 1941 the fact that Rose Dawn had attempted a career in opera, and when that failed she became Dr. Brinkley’s personal astrologer, which led to him putting her on the air. Rose Dawn apparently was always reaching out to Hollywood to come to town, and both Del Rio and San Antonio had not yet seen the likes of the way that woman could PAR-TAY. But the article had said she lived a “Nun-like existence.” Hmmmmm.

    It was Wikipedia that says that the Russians themselves said they used Koran, Rose Dawn, and other broadcasts from their station to train their spies in the English language and culture. (Oh, wait, I hadn’t mentioned that part yet.)

    ‘San Antonio Current’ September 5, 2007 issue said that Koran first made his name foretelling that Herbert Hoover would win the 1928 election. The real fame came when Hoover brought him to the White House, but Koran had to take his turban off for whatever reason. He had it painted into the pictures of himself with Hoover. They’ve also said that locals believe the Mayan Order is a “La Raza/Mexican Mason secret brotherhood.” If you can get hold of that edition, look on page 19 for an article on ‘The Mayan Order and Goat Balls.’ (They just HAD to put that in the RESTAURANT section.)

    ‘Journal of the AMA’ has extensive coverage of John Brinkley from the late 20’s to the early 40’s, by Morris Fishbein. It is rather unfavorable.

    There was more, but I don’t want to try to track it all down again, this should be plenty.

    So on the qoat testical transplants, it seems he would put them in alongside what’s supposed to be there, (What a relief) and the human body would absorb the foreign matter. Relatively meaningless, unless you’re one of the 45 whose death certificate Brinkley signed when you died on his operating table. Hundreds more were recorded as getting infections, etc. Yet people kept paying $750 each, maybe 5,000 of them, because this one guy said his wife got pregnant after the surgery. No word on if her boyfriend also had the surgery.

    Meanwhile, to be a quack, you have to be selling something making unscientific claims. my source(s) wasn’t selling anything, nor doing anything unscientific. That brings up the concept of, as my friend Ernie always says, “When you point your finger, the other 3 are pointing right back at you.” Afterall, who IS selling something?

    Ah well, let’s end with a bit on the undying love of William and Isabelle Taylor. Their temple.


    The church they attended.


    And their cematery. I don’t know about him, but ‘The Linking Ring’ ran an obituary for her in 1964.


    I may be a postmodernist, but I’m a ROMANTIC postmodernist.

  22. -DOUG- says: May 26, 20092:34 am

    Forgot to mention in recent years their membership has been boasted over 4,000. Don’t know if that’s quacksalver or not.

  23. Starinitiate says: May 27, 20091:46 am

    Hello Doug,

    There is a saying in Mayanry, “Once a Mayan, Always a Mayan”. I am a Mayan Occultist and will continue to defend my Order.

    “Quacksalver” is a Dutch term in exsitence for many centuries. Look in your dictionary.

    I asked you for viable documentation. All you’ve provided are someone’s opinion from magazines of dubious reputation and a few internet links that don’t amount to anything.

    If you want to impress me with your accusations then provide me with factual documentation.

    Otherwise, your words are nothing more than just words, meaningless.


  24. Jim Demers says: August 26, 20094:20 pm

    Folks interested in the history of “Doctor” John R. Brinkley (a.k.a. Dr. Goat Balls) will find the whole amazing story in Pope Brock’s recently published book, “Charlatan: America’s Most Dangerous Huckster, the Man Who Pursued Him, and the Age of Flimflam”. It is quite a hoot, and a fascinating look into the character of the country back in the day. Koran and Rose Dawn make brief cameo appearances.

  25. Firebrand38 says: August 26, 20096:56 pm

    Which may be found here http://www.amazon.com/C…

  26. Starinitiate says: August 27, 20092:00 pm

    The names John Brinkley and Koran have never appeared in any literature of the Mayan Order. The ONLY name mentioned in this blog related to the Order is Rose Dawn. Over the years I’ve had numerous communication with Ms. Dawn and found her to be a wonderful woman of high quality character. The Mayan Order offered metaphysical teachings well thought out and presented. I’m privleged to have had the opportunity to study with Rose Dawn and the Mayan Order.


  27. Firebrand38 says: August 27, 20093:28 pm

    Starinitiate: Maybe not, but they do appear in literature about the Mayan Order.


  28. Starinitiate says: August 27, 20095:18 pm

    Ive seen no direct affiliation.

  29. Firebrand38 says: August 27, 20095:40 pm

    Starinitiate: It must be my membership in the Aztec Order (kidding) but I knew you were going to say something like that. I mean, you have or are no doubt close to unity with the Universe and you can’t read a couple paragraphs in an online book.

    Let’s try this one: http://books.google.com…

    Tell you what, Sesame Street today is brought to you by the number 10:

  30. Starinitiate says: August 27, 20098:10 pm


    Our Mental and Spiritual Development is entirely dependent upon our existence in our physical bodies. There is a LIVING, CREATIVE SPIRIT-POWER OPERATING THROUGH ALL THINGS. The POWER that creates universes is the SAME POWER that designed and created your body and animates it with INTELLIGENT CONSCIOUSNESS. THIS ONE SUPREME GOD-POWER LIVES IN YOU, THROUGH YOU, AND ALL ABOUT YOU. Your True Self already knows this.

    You are in possession of FULL SPIRITUAL CONSCIOUSNESS this very moment. The reason your self-conscious mind is not realizing this is because it is focused in a physical body which has not completed its evolutionary development.

    There are centers in the brain and nervous system that function in a very basic manner in the average person. Throughout the gradual processes of Nature these centers will become fully developed and the average person will possess the grandest states of consciousness yet to be imagined.

    Fortunately, there are very advanced souls who discovered how these natural evolutionary processes function. They have developed methods to “quicken” these processes.

    Your subconscious mind, which is the ONE-MIND operating at specific levels, develops and maintains your physical body. It is receiving instructions necessary to develop and awaken these centers. This is occurring as your self-conscious mind reads these words. Your self-conscious mind is not aware of this except in a fundamental intellectual fashion. The subconscious functions are far more extensive and I suggest you DON’T try to pry into the subconscious processes. Later you will learn how this occurs.

    Soon, your super conscious mind will start shining through and you’ll begin having intuitive realizations of the truth behind these words, which far exceeds the words themselves. You’ll know what I mean.

    Our next step now is to put MENTAL IMAGES with the words. Actually, we really don’t think in words. They are simply symbols of IMAGERY. We think in pictures or sounds or whatever effects our physical senses. We use words, verbally or mentally, as vehicles to express our images. ATTUNE TO THE MENTAL IMAGES THE MASTERS OF WISDOM HAVE ALREADY CREATED FOR US. You’ll be pleased with the result.

  31. Firebrand38 says: August 27, 20098:51 pm

    Hallelujah!!! But the Mayan Order?? Fiddlesticks! You copied that off of a bottle of Dr. Bronner’s Soap!



  32. Starinitiate says: August 27, 20098:52 pm

    I may be contacted at “[email protected]“.

  33. Randy says: August 27, 20099:17 pm

    Wait, I thought that was Scientology…

    Wait, I thought that was Rosicrucianism…

    Wait, I thought that was…

  34. Starinitiate says: August 27, 20099:34 pm

    Regarding the number 10. Check out Albert Einstein’s Unified Field Theory.


    A bit more advanced than your “sesame street”.

  35. Starinitiate says: August 27, 20099:42 pm

    Firebrand, statement 30 are my own words, based upon knowledge I’ve recieved.

  36. Firebrand38 says: August 27, 20099:42 pm

    Starinitiate: Yeah, so? I called your bluff and actually looked at it. Pardon me while I catch my breath!

    The number ten only appears as 10 raised to the 35th power. So what?

    Einstein attempted to create a Unified Field Theory but it was still in the works when he died.

    Never ceases to amaze me how devotees of woo-woo try to invoke quantum mechanics and Einstein when they never learned that Einstein rejected Quantum Mechanics til the day he died.

    I thought that crackpots were supposed to invoke Tesla’s name. Nobody refers to Einstein anymore in all the best nut circles.

    You were right though. More advanced than Sesame Street but not quite up to The Electric Company! And c’mon it’s everybody’s Sesame Street!

  37. Starinitiate says: August 27, 20099:43 pm

    Randy, metaphysical principles are universal.

  38. Starinitiate says: August 27, 20099:46 pm

    No bluff firebrand. Your slandering an Order you know nothing about. How long did you study with the Mayan Order?

  39. Starinitiate says: August 27, 20099:56 pm

    Sooo firebrand, you consider Einstein a “crackpot’? Well, the atomic bomb certainly worked out.

  40. Firebrand38 says: August 27, 200910:09 pm

    Starinitiate: Tell you what, you cut and paste where I called Einstein himself a crackpot. I want to see that. I referred to crackpots invoking his name (like you). Now fun is fun but The Mentalist is on TV and I gotta go. Peace out!

  41. Starinitiate says: August 27, 200910:14 pm

    Here’s what you said firebrand:” I thought that crackpots were supposed to invoke Tesla’s name. Nobody refers to Einstein anymore in all the best nut circles.”

  42. Firebrand38 says: August 27, 200910:34 pm

    Starinitiate: And from that where does it say that I called Einstein a crackpot?

  43. Starinitiate says: August 27, 200910:48 pm

    Your imposible firebrand. Have a nice life.

  44. Firebrand38 says: August 27, 200911:19 pm

    Starinitiate: No, it’s impossible for you to answer my question. And yes, I will.

  45. Randy says: August 28, 20091:29 am

    “There is a LIVING, CREATIVE SPIRIT-POWER OPERATING THROUGH ALL THINGS. The POWER that creates universes is the SAME POWER that designed and created your body and animates it with INTELLIGENT CONSCIOUSNESS.”

    I remember Obi-Wan teaching about that. But I later received knowledge that it is actually the Midi-Chlorians that are responsible.

  46. Randy says: August 28, 20091:55 am

    @37 “metaphysical principles are universal”

    Starinitiate, since metaphysics is (to quote Wikipedia) “the philosophical enquiry…into the nature of existence” I would counter that there are as many metaphysical “principles” as there are enquirers.

  47. Starinitiate says: August 28, 20091:31 pm

    Randy, metaphysical principles are as well established as the principles of physics. Yet even physics develops new understanding as in quantum physics. Should we start a new order and call it the “mystic knights of obi-wan midi-chlorians order”?

  48. Don says: August 28, 20091:46 pm

    Starinitiate, you’ve just shown that you know nothing of physics. Time to give it up . . . .

  49. Starinitiate says: August 28, 20091:58 pm

    Quantum mechanics (QM) is a set of principles describing physical reality at the atomic level of matter (molecules and atoms) and the subatomic (electrons, protons, and even smaller particles). These descriptions include the simultaneous wave-like and particle-like behavior of both matter[1] and radiation[2] (“wave–particle duality”). In the quantum mechanics of a subatomic particle, one can never specify its state, such as its simultaneous location and velocity, with complete certainty.

    I do know how to research accurate information Don.

  50. Randy says: August 28, 20092:09 pm

    @47: No need to start a new one–just add “Mystic Knights of Obi-Wan Midi-Chlorians Order” as a subtitle to yours. It will probably attract more people to your philosophy.

  51. Randy says: August 28, 20092:26 pm

    @47: “metaphysical principles are as well established as the principles of physics”

    Do the Islamics agree? The Hindus? The Catholics? The Jews? The Lutherans? The Deists? The Humanists? The Mormons? I see a vast concensus there for sure…

    Metaphysics is non-empirical. Since it deals with ideas that can’t be proven with cause-and-effect experiments you can be secure in your belief, but don’t expect others to buy into it too easily.

  52. Starinitiate says: August 28, 20092:44 pm

    Metaphysics is not religion. And metaphysics has much to say regarding the principle of causation.

  53. Randy says: August 28, 20093:09 pm

    Metaphysics is indeed a religion, in that it is a belief system of unprovable ideas. But I tire of this discussion. Have a nice life.

  54. Don says: August 28, 20093:14 pm

    Nice definition, S; too bad there’s nothing in QM that has anything to do with your “metaphysics”, which can be anything you want it to be.

    Yes, this discussion has become tiresome. ‘Bye.

  55. Starinitiate says: August 28, 20093:19 pm

    Goodbye all.

  56. Harold Wright, Jr says: September 8, 200910:25 pm

    I would like to if the Mayan Order is still operating. I received lesson #367 in Dec. 2007. And I have not heard from them since that date.

  57. Starinitiate says: September 8, 200910:59 pm

    The order appears to no longer be in operation, however, there is a small group of companions on the internet keeping our wisdom alive. If you would like more info contact me at [email protected].

  58. Firebrand38 says: September 9, 200912:18 am

    Starinitiate: What happened? You said you were leaving. We were happy, you were happy, the very dead Rose Dawn was happy (so she said to you).

    I see by your link that you’re quite the “joiner” with the Builders of the Adytum. More like residents of the asylum (but I digress).

    Amazing stuff….tarot, tablets of hermes. I can probably purchase a Lucky Astrology Mood watch while I’m at it. Go to the bota website and I can purchase a copy of:

    The Esoteric Keys of Alchemy, by Paul Foster Case.
    Previously unavailable to the general public, the profound teachings hidden within the often mysterious writings of the alchemists are clearly explained.

    I’ll bet on her best day Rose Dawn couldn’t turn lead into gold. I’m impressed.

  59. -DOUG- says: September 9, 20093:44 am

    Dang, I thought this one had died out. Silly me, like the Mayan Order itself, it has only grown larger. What with Starinitiate being an ADDICT that can’t give this up, I should have known I was missing the fun. Oh, CURSE this recent comment system that denies me update on ALL comments. . . .

    Let’s see, SOMEONE says he’s had ongoing contacts with this woman that died in 1964. Are seances a part of the Mayan Order, or did you Initiate this on your own? Perhaps the astral spirit of Rose Dawn that you communicated mentioned her HUSBAND, Koran. Since she’s been dead 45 years, I assume you joined after she was gone and you have only been in contact with her spirit. Do you have any documentation that it was HER spirit you contacted? Was Bill W.’s spirt also present?

    And you’re saying that the name of the FOUNDER of the Mayan Order, Koran the Mystic Knight of the Maya, has never been associated with his own order? The very first to offer the Mayan Order, and his name has never been associated with it? Interesting. I’m dying to see your ‘Viable Documentation’ on that. While it’s WELL DOCUMENTED that Koran has been associated with his own order, the name Starinitiate is never mentioned, and yet he demonstrates the belief that he is the absolute authority of the order. Do you have ANY documentation. . . ?

    It’s not everyday you get to so easily slap around a fool who dismisses so much egg on his face with “Otherwise, your words are nothing more than just words, meaningless.” Oh, wait, it IS TOO everyday you slap some fool like Starinitiate around online. So, Starinititate—May I call you Stari? So, Stari, now that I’ve provided all this documentation, it’s YOUR TURN. Where’s the evidence that Dr. Goat Testicles was never a part of the startup of the group that Koran named after his own stagename? And where’s the documentation that KORAN was never associated with the group he founded in the very image of his own stage persona?

    And this seance thing. I realize, Stari, that good Methodists that William and Isabelle Taylor were, they’d never APPROVE of speaking with the dead, and you wouldn’t want Rose Dawn finding out you’ve been communicating with her ghost; but since you claim all this contact with her, Stari, I’ll just HAVE to see the documentation of the seances: The mediums conducting the sessions, whether or not this was channeling, actual words heard or just tappings to be translated, appearances on the ‘John Edwards’ tv show, etc. Get cracking, documentation boy. Oh, and this 10th Revelation, 2 years after her death, was that from a seance, too? (AA founder William Wilson claimed to have transcribed the AA manual and the 12 steps from his contact with demons impersonating the dead; he and Ouija board partner/fellow AA founder Robert Smith were members of the Oxford Group, which like all Bible following Christian faiths don’t believe it’s possible to contact the dead and all otherworldly contact would be with Demons, Fallen Angels, etc. So if the Bible is to be believed, Rose Dawn has been unable to contact you since 1964, Stari. However, Bill W. was a big believer in LSD for spiritual enlightenment and as a substitute for drinking.)

    Yeah, Stari, you’re such an expert, you can’t even find what you keep referring to as ‘Your Order.’ Such as comment #20 “. . . .as to the references you’ve made regarding my Order.” #23 “I am a Mayan Occultist and will continue to defend my Order.” (Even though you said you ARE NOT a Mayan Cultie anymore in #9 “. . . .in 1981. This is the year I resigned. . . .” Did you have a seance to communicate THAT directly to Rose Dawn? And your substitute enlightenment from that time on: Might it have been L–????)

    Oh, and #35 “Firebrand, statement 30 are my own words, based upon knowledge I’ve received.” Do you have any DOCUMENTATION of that? Live by the pain, die by the pain. All this spouting about wanting documentation, which you have received, only creates an obligation for you to PROVIDE documentation, which you have not. Surely one of the previous 9 revelations that occured during the lifetime of Rose Dawn covered that for you. Too bad the revelations didn’t include spell check: #43 “Your imposible firebrand.” I guess there’d need be a grammar-check revelation, too. And basic logic; if firebrand is impossible, then how is there firebrand and why are you writing to him?

    Yeah, seems like I’m getting a little less Jon Stewart and a little more Dennis Miller at this point. What’s worse than an online fool is a PETULANT online fool; and your flinging the nonsensical insults to cover your inability to come up with an intelligent answer got me so caught up in writing a response that I forgot to go to the gym. Where’s my compensation for THAT?

    And since you can’t seem to find what you keep claiming as your own order, let me point you in the right direction. Will this be the most recent revelation? To the rest of you, the revelation is just how much cheaper you can get all the Mayan materials through the Amazon Order. In some cases the law of compensation is under $10. If you MUST waste your time on this drivel, at least don’t waste so much of your MONEY, and give a little back to the past victims who’ve been burned so bad, and are now seeking some financial salvation through the Amazon Order. And I’m a firm believer in the esoteric Amazon Order, from whom you can gain far greater knowledge than the Mayan Order can ever imagine exists. I dig those Amazon women, too. Ahh, the Jon Stewart in me is coming back.

    Wish I could post the picture of their temple, but you can see it

    Mayan Order
    731 Fredericksburg Rd
    San Antonio, TX 78201
    (210) 735-5247

  60. DDF says: September 9, 20098:05 am

    What IS theis Meh-an orders? Pleaze explain!

  61. Harold Wright, Jr says: September 9, 20091:58 pm

    I just want to know if this order is still in business.

  62. Starinitiate says: September 9, 20092:27 pm

    No it’s not Harold, and pay no attention to Dougs insults. Feel free to contact [email protected].

  63. Firebrand38 says: September 9, 20092:48 pm

    Starinitiate: That of course implies that you pay attention to my insults.

  64. Don says: September 9, 20092:53 pm

    It doesn’t matter anyway, Harold, because after 2012 everything ends. The Mayans said so; it must be the TRUTH!

  65. Starinitiate says: September 9, 20092:53 pm

    That includes firebrand.

  66. Firebrand38 says: September 9, 20092:56 pm

    Starinitiate (if that is your real name): Thanks. Too bad I had to point it out. Guess the tarot cards weren’t up to the job, huh?

    Next time try something that really works http://nurgh.blogspot.c…

    Now there’s something you can believe in!

  67. -DOUG- says: September 9, 20098:27 pm

    Stari, you of all people have no business talking of OTHERS insults. It seems you feel you benefitted most from the Mayan Order teaching you of the law of hate. All because you were so easily duped out of a bunch of time and money by a dime store magazine con and you just have to cover that up by deriding anyone else with the sense to see through it. You obviously gained NOTHING from being a victim of their scam. Didn’t they cover the law of two left feet in your mouth don’t make a right?

    Meanwhile, Harold, since you’ve been in contact with the Mayan Order recently, you’re a far better judge of whether they are still around than Stari is, since he checked out nearly 3 decades before you did. Funny how the locals in San Antonio know all about them still being there, but Mr. “Once a cultie, always a cultie,” with ‘me me only me’ on his headband don’t know nothin’ about it. That speaks volumes right there.

    Oh, and one more thing, Stari: I’m not seein’ no documentation from you. You told us you’ve been in contact with Rose Dawn regularly since she died, so bring on the documentation of the seances, and who interpreted the tappings. (Tap tap tap.) The law of compensation includes the commandment – As thou is provided documentation, so shall thee document. You owe us documentation, so get that return pendulum rhythming.


    At this point I really think Firebrand deserves to be the one to deliver the knockout punch, since he’s been carrying the torch against the onslaught all this time, and I gotta stop while Stari is merely reeling. So I’ll close by saying that, despite the deepset psychological problems that caused William Wilson’s lifetime of alcohol and drug addiction, I think he was far more concerned for the well being and happiness of others than was Isabelle Taylor; so the name Bill W. and the organization he is synonymous with has accomplished far more than Rose Dawn’s name and mail order of the Mayans ever did, after both were founded in 1938. (The 1935 date AA uses is for the first time Wilson sought out a fellow alcoholic for support, but the organization itself began 3 years later.) AA even survived its’ founders downfall. Unstable though he may have been, Wilson sincerely sought to protect others from their instabilities, rather than prey on them the way Rose Dawn/Isabelle Taylor did. But I still suspect that even Rose Dawn would be ashamed to be associated with the ravings of Starinitiate here. If she HAS ever contacted him from beyond the grave before, I’m sure she wouldn’t be speaking to him now. Here he wants to start his own cult to express his hatred for people who resist his ripping off people by ripping off his FORMER Order but those pesky Mayans know the secret of continuing to exist. Oh, why couldn’t they just have gone out of existence like their namesakes?

    And I know that, deep down, Stari just wants to toss that ole’ necklace back into the ocean, go off to sleep, and dream of being back on the Titan—-er, back in the Mayan Temple in San Antonio, Texas, with everyone there, including Rose Dawn’s ghost (Or the demon that’s been impersonating her in all those seances) and everything is like it was before he QUIT the order and started pretending they weren’t there anymore, and hating anyone who knew they were. (Tap tap tap.) How’s that for “(From #30) . . . .MENTAL IMAGES with the words. . . They are simply symbols of IMAGERY. . . ATTUNE TO THE MENTAL IMAGES THE MASTERS OF WISDOM HAVE ALREADY CREATED FOR US.” Dang, is that how you feel? I’m so flattered. And you must be pleased.


    (TAP TAP TAP) Uh, who’s there? Is that. . . ? (GASP)

  68. Starinitiate says: September 9, 20099:16 pm

    You guys are arguing over something you actually know nothing about. A few bogus weblinks that I was well aware of long before you showed up on this blog. There’s nothing viable there. I studied with the Mayan Order for years, and yes, Rose Dawn was still alive directing the Order. Your misinformed. VERY misinformed. Thanks for promoting my websites.


  69. Don says: September 9, 20099:28 pm

    Who’s arguing? Not me! It’s all a bunch of woo-woo with NO basis in reality.

    Fun to read about, though; especially the comments by the TRUE BELIEVERS.

    (BTW, it’s “You’re”, not “Your” you want, Star — short for “You are” . . . . ;^)

  70. Firebrand38 says: September 9, 20099:53 pm

    Starinitiate: Gee you sure told us. All that study and devotion to woo-woo and the best you can do is the equivalent of saying “Oh, yeah?” Right up there with ringing someone’s doorbell and running away. Besides Don and I don’t argue…we scoff.

    And that was some nice proofreading there, Don.

    Tarot cards….heh, heh, heh.

  71. -DOUG- says: September 10, 20093:26 am

    Rose Dawn/Isabelle Taylor died 45 years ago, so if she was directing the Mayans when you were studying there, you started when? The 1950’s? Or was it Rose Dawn II you studied with? It wasn’t the originals’ real name, what’s to stop someone else from adopting it? Perhaps the Mayan Order actually owns the name Rose Dawn, and when they sell the business off the new owner gets to become Rose Dawn, or hire one.

    > bogus weblinks that I was well aware of

    Dang, he was already aware of the ‘Kabala’ game links. Now THAT is informed. Nothing viable about it? I’ll bet there’s a lot of kids from the 1960’s who’ll beg to differ.

    Dang, I nodded off as I was writingt his. Good thing I already went to the gym. I’m hittin’ the sack.

  72. Harold Wright, Jr says: September 10, 200911:02 am

    All I want to know if there is any one out there , aware of lessons beyond 376. Rose Dawn is not my concern, the lessons are. Some body please answer my request.

  73. Randy says: September 10, 200911:46 am

    @71: “Perhaps the Mayan Order actually owns the name Rose Dawn, and when they sell the business off the new owner gets to become Rose Dawn”

    Ah, you’ve seen (or read) Princess Bride…

  74. Firebrand38 says: September 10, 200911:50 am

    Randy: Yeah, Dread Prophet Rose Dawn!

  75. Randy says: September 10, 200912:38 pm

    What’s that flower you have on?

  76. Firebrand38 says: September 10, 200912:44 pm

    No more rhyming, I mean it!

  77. Randy says: September 10, 20091:16 pm

    Darn, I was hoping for the next line of the song as the response (it seems appropriate)…

    Oh well, anyone want a peanut?

  78. Firebrand38 says: September 10, 20091:26 pm

    Randy: Oh, very well but we were doing the Princess Bride riff….

    Could it be a faded rose from days gone by?

  79. Randy says: September 10, 20091:36 pm

    Weave the tapestry of your life with many diverse threads… 🙂

  80. Firebrand38 says: September 10, 20091:42 pm

    Randy: Wow, you should start your own Order! There are at least two people gullible enough to sign up for the home study course.

  81. Randy says: September 10, 20091:59 pm

    My Mayan order would be some turkey stew, a few maize tortillas and a steaming mug of xocoatl.

  82. Firebrand38 says: September 10, 20092:07 pm

    Randy: Order Up!!!

  83. Randy says: September 10, 20092:11 pm

    I’ll have another cup.

  84. -DOUG- says: September 10, 20095:58 pm

    >All I want to know if there is any one out there , aware of lessons beyond 376. Rose Dawn is not
    >my concern, the lessons are. Some body please answer my request.

    And the Amazon Order has answered thine request, offering all the secrets of the Maya new and used. Dozens of publicans from both the Mayan Order and Rose Dawn herself. Your fellow victims of the Order put their lessons up for sale, often for pennies on the dollar for what they were originally taken for. Also Rose Dawn published accounts of her travels, and I’m sure a renown party girl like her can vacation with the best of them. An inspiration to the Paris Hilton lover in all of us.

    Unrelated to Rose Dawn is ‘Your Travel Guide to Ancient Mayan Civilization,’ and let’s not forget the historical perspective of ‘We were Taught to Plant Corn, not kill.’ There is no secret of the Mayans that cannot be revealed by the Amazon Order, who even offers a Rose Dawn bouquet through the law of delivery, aka FTD Florist.

    If that’s not enough, you will find a parallel to your lesson 376 in the Rosicrucians, also available through the Amazon Order. whom the Mayan Order basically plagiarized. It might even be the same number, and have the same misspellings and punctuation errors.

    The lesson you REALLY need right now, Harold, is how to avoid getting ripped off. David Horowitz never did start his own cult though, so you’re just going to have to learn from your own life, (Gasp!) drawn wisdom from your own experience, (Coff) and become someone who can exercise good judgement without dropping a bundle on silly lesson plans from someone who needs you to show poor judgment so they can get his or her hand into your pocket. Harold, it’s time for you to be sadder but wiser. Realize that you’ve been trying to fill what Freud called your ‘Lacuni,’ (Holes in your personality) with some remedial philosophy offered to you by some dime store conmen. They don’t fool you, you fool yourself. When they spout these ‘Secrets,’ they’re saying things you already know, and you feel there’s some great spirit at work inside you as you recognize things you already should have been accepting.

    In the writings of Plato he tells us of Socrates saying ‘You can’t learn what you don’t already know.’ The point being you can only make use of the knowledge you already have to learn new things. I made a poster for a class I was ENROLLED IN, not that I was teaching, with the Asian proverb, ‘I hear and I forget, I see and I remember, I do and I understand.’ The Rosicrucians, the Pseudo-Mayans, they only ever remind you: You’ve already heard, but you still haven’t done. I only took that class to try out ideas I had, resulting in the other students talking about how much I brought to it for them.

    Stop looking for a Guru, Harold. Guru’s are there to help people grow up after they failed to do so on their own. Any GOOD Guru will tell you that himself, though he’s probably going to be a bit more gentle about it. Throw all your Mayan lessons away, or better yet, sell them cheap through Amazon.com so someone else who doesn’t get it yet will at least save some money. I like things like Zen because they will never tell you that this month’s check will also get you a set of Dead Sea Scroll steak knives. Zen is about the idea that you’re in a rushing river, holding onto a rock. The question is: Do you wait until you’re too weak to hold on any longer and HOPE the river will calm down before then, or do you let go now while you’re strong enough to fight it?

    The choice is yours, Harold. While you’re thinking about it, I want you to see this William Shatner episode of ‘The Twilight Zone.’ (No, not with the Gremlin, the OTHER William Shatner episode.) A couple develops an addiction to a fortune telling machine, so sure it’s warning them of the dire consequences of continuing their journey. It’s only a machine, what could it know? And yet, the answers it seems to know to give them to their questions. . . .

    Yeah, Harold, I’m lumping you in with them. So put away your first 375 lessons and go outside. Where something is about to happen. . . .

    And for the rest of you, I’m wondering one thing: If people cough because they have a cold, does that mean they scoff because they have a scold?

  85. -DOUG- says: September 10, 20095:59 pm
  86. Starinitiate says: September 10, 20096:12 pm

    Harold, you can contact me regarding lessons. There are a few of us who share our lessons.

    [email protected]

  87. Randy says: September 10, 20097:47 pm

    @84: “I want you to see this William Shatner episode of ‘The Twilight Zone.’ (No, not with the Gremlin, the OTHER William Shatner episode.)”

    NOOOO! That episode is about the Law of Compensation! Listen to Rod Serling’s summation at the end. You think it’s not but it is! It is the nose under the camel’s tent!

    [OK, when I’m sitting I’m talking tongue-in-cheek. When I’m standing I’m talking seriously.]

  88. Randy says: September 10, 20097:50 pm

    [OK, now I’m standing]

    At least William Shatner only had to gamble 1 cent at a time to try to win HAPPINESS…

  89. Firebrand38 says: September 10, 20098:22 pm

    Randy: But wait! There’s more! http://www.monstersinmo…

    You gotta hand it to Stari, just ignoring all the abuse, it reminds me of King Arthur in Monty Python and the Holy Grail walking away from the French castle the second time while being pelted with filth and Arthur’s going “Walk away, just ignore them”.


  90. Randy says: September 10, 20098:31 pm

    Firebrand38: Because if he stayed he’d just bore them.

  91. Randy says: September 10, 20098:35 pm

    @89: Firebrand38, that’s cool! But I think I’d rather have a Mikey Tuetel bobblehead: http://www.designbyjoyc…

    It would be slightly less creepy but more topical…

  92. Firebrand38 says: September 10, 20098:41 pm

    Randy: less creepy????

  93. -DOUG- says: September 10, 20098:48 pm

    Harold, if you EMail Stari, you’ll miss it. I told you to go outside because something was abuot to happen, but Stari is trying to distract you. Don’t let him stop you, Harold. He missed out, now he’s trying to make YOU miss out.

    You don’t want to miss out, do you, Harold? Could you imagine, standing there, even if you’d gone outside with a blackberry and EMail Charla—, I mean Stari, while you’re looking away from it it’ll happen, and everyone else will be in awe, and you’ll be in “Awwwwwwwww—-.” Which is just what Stari wants to do to you. If you see it happen, Harold, it’ll change your life and you will never think about these silly lessons again. Stari doesn’t want that. You want it, don’t you, Harold?

    I want you to scroll up, and look at that picture of Rose Dawn. Look at those eyes. Are those the eyes of a happy person, Harold? Rose Dawn was eating, sleeping, and breathing those lessons. Look what it did to her. The Mayan Order ate her brain, Harold, and now it’s trying to eat YOURS. Read Stari’s comments: Does he sound—a bit. . .HUNGRY. . . ?

    Submitted for your approval. Meet Harold, a wayward soul addicted to the socalled lessons of s lifetime hoaxster of a former songbird who lived her life eating wayward souls for breakfast and is now long passed out of this life. Desperate for fix number 376, this pseudophilosophy junkie is about to stumble into the hands of a mind vampire, a slobbering derelict who was himself destroyed by Harold’s addiction, who now seeks ensure that others are destroyed in the same manner as he once was. A man who believes he communicates with the dead, who promises to share this downfall if only you would send him an EMail. An EMail addressed to — THE TWILIGHT ZONE.


  94. Randy says: September 10, 20099:14 pm

    @92: “less creepy????”

    Now that you mention it Firebrand38, when I typed that I must have been…sleepy.

  95. Starinitiate says: September 11, 20099:30 pm

    Members of The Mayan Order. Meet with your Companions on Facebook.


  96. -DOUG- says: September 11, 200910:14 pm

    Creepy is the idea that Stari might succeed at using this site to recruit victims.

  97. Randy says: September 11, 200910:15 pm

    Yes, gathering on Facebook is a prime opportunity to be monitored and data-mined. Companions, be sure to provide as much personal information as possible!

  98. Randy says: September 11, 200910:17 pm
  99. James says: September 29, 200912:38 am

    Mayan revelation lessons soon available for free download at themaya.brinkster.net
    Thank starinitiate for this.

  100. -DOUG- says: September 29, 20091:17 am

    Thank You Stari.

    But I don’t tink youse guys wants to be gettin’ inta this. Afterall, dis is what made Stari the Law of Compensation violator that he is. Now, if it was DOCUMENTATION we were getting to download, it would be different. But instead, it’s just those pesky “Lessons”(I thought they were supposed to be “Suggestions”) going to make you like him.

    Heed my warning, and heed it well. If you download those Mayan Revelation Lessons, you’ll be Stari. (Bah dump bump.)

  101. James says: September 29, 20091:33 am

    The Mayan Lessons speak for themselves. There is no better documentation to provide.

  102. Don says: September 29, 20091:33 pm

    Better hustle and get those lessons up there, James; everything ends in 2012 — according to the Myan calendar . . . and that’s the TRUTH . . . right?

  103. -DOUG- says: September 29, 20095:07 pm

    But Stari said all this stuff was ‘Suggestions.’ Don’t know why they call it an ‘Order’ instead of ‘The Mayan Suggestion.’ So maybe the Mayan Calendar is only “Suggesting” that the world end in 2012. It’ll only end for real if enough people follow that suggestion.

    Boy, piss off Stari/James enough and he might really buckle down on recruiting new members and make SURE the world ends as suggested. Boy, that’d learn ya’ ta mess with the “. . . . Instruction recorded in your mind, the ‘Purses which wax not old.'”

    Or maybe the world only ends for MAYANS in 2012. Hence the push now to take as many with them as they can. That being the case, I can think of some people I’d like to suggest for membership. Sure glad Stari/James is one, and hope he stays with it until 2012.

    Say, you wouldn’t happen to know if there’s going to be any new COMETS in 2012, do you?

  104. James says: September 29, 20097:11 pm

    The Mayan Order never taught a 2012 prophecy.

  105. Don says: September 29, 200910:06 pm

    Can’t trust anyone, I guess: MO trying to keep the 2012 prophecy away from the public . . . until they get their recruits. Oh well, none of it matters for more than another 3 years. Oh, what part of 2012 will The End happen? I want to plan carefully . . . .

  106. Firebrand38 says: September 29, 200910:32 pm

    Don: The knotheads all say between 21-23 December 2012

  107. Toronto says: September 30, 20091:07 am

    What, are there NO sexy Indian couples into the Mayans? Charlie, what’s happening to this joint?

    (And best of travels!)

  108. -DOUG- says: September 30, 20092:59 am

    >The Mayan Order never taught a 2012 prophecy.

    Well, it’s past time they got started.

  109. Firebrand38 says: October 22, 200911:56 am

    Speaking of which, I loved this article on that very subject:


    In particular I liked the line “Heck, if the Mayans were this good at divining the future, you’d think their empire would still be around”

    Too true.

  110. -DOUG- says: October 23, 20091:00 am

    >The Mayan Lessons speak for themselves. There is no better documentation to provide.

    BEEEEEEEEEEP!!!! WRONG!!!!! In fact, that failure on your part is only further damnation of your argument, Stari. It’s unscientific to expect to prove a negative, but since you attempt to claim the Mayan scam is a positive, I expect you to bring your documentation to the lab for the next experiment.

    How do you know the pit is bottomless? You ever seen the bottom?

    And that silence you hear, that’s the Mayan lessons speaking for themselves. Stick THAT in your purse and wax it.

  111. Harold Wright, Jr says: October 23, 200911:28 am

    By the way, are those lessons still under copyright. I need to know.

  112. -DOUG- says: October 25, 20093:28 am

    Copyright? If the world ends in 3 years, they’ll never get your case to trial.

    But, all humor intact, the REAL reason the calendar ended when it did was the Spaniards wiped out the Maya, and that was all they’d finished at the time. If in fact the world ends because the Mayan calendar ends, it’ll all be Spain’s fault for not letting them live so they could keep adding to the calendar.

    Since the Mayans themselves said that there were to be 7 more baktun’s after the end of this one that’s being claimed as the end of the world, and a baktun is almost 400 years, maybe there WILL be time to get your copyright violation case to trial.

    If only Nostradamus were here, he’d know what to do. Like writing a quatrain about it. Something like:

    The calendar tolls the knell of parting day,
    The apocalyptic wind slowly o’er the lea,
    The Mayan homeward plods his weary way,
    And leaves the world to darkness and to me.

  113. Mary says: October 27, 20099:27 am

    My neighbor studied with them in the 1950’s and kept all of their materials. She gave them to me to go through for her because I am a student of these kinds of things. I am about a third through the 70 or so booklets or lessons, and they contain generally accepted spiritual concepts about the persistence of spirit and the quantum nature (they don’t use that word) of the universe. They throw a whole new light on Bible verses and are quite studious, knowledgeable and earnest and want to empower others spiritually. If their is a cultish note, it is that there may be “tests” to determine your spiritual level. It seemed these were Mayan Order tests, not life testing you. So in that there would be a judgment of your spirituality or worthiness, I presume. I believe this is common to any group called an “Order”. But you have to really honor their studies and desire to empower others. Keeping it secret was really to prevent people from taking you off your path by mocking you, as we have seen here on this page. There is a school of thought that holds all spiritual matters, information and stories should be kept private because telling them weakens their strength within you. There may be some quantum basis to that as we know observation actually changes an object.
    I could not find out on the internet if this organization still exists.

  114. Don says: October 27, 20091:13 pm

    >There is a school of thought that holds all spiritual matters, information and stories should be kept private because telling them weakens their strength within you.

    Yeah . . . right.

    >There may be some quantum basis to that as we know observation actually changes an object.

    Anyone who says things like that about quantum physics, relating it to some kind of spirituality, demonstrates that they have NO idea of what quantum physics is about . . . . .

  115. Mary says: October 27, 20091:24 pm

    You are right, I am very ignorant. However, many authors I have studied are not. Please see Lynn McTaggart’s The Power of Intention and The Field and you may understand what I am referring to as well as reviewing the projected Einstein’s Unified Theory and subsequent String Theories. I apologize if my offhand use of “quantum” disqualified for you the accuracy of the sentence.

  116. Firebrand38 says: October 27, 20092:01 pm

    Mary: You aren’t helping your case by bringing up Einstein and his Unified Field Theory. His rather unsuccessful UFT I might add http://en.wikipedia.org…

    It’s just like more people refer to “Big Brother” than have actually read Orwell’s 1984. It’s the same with crackpots and Einstein.

    That’s the kind of nonsense I’d expect to find at one of those Jolly Mystic websites I keep bumping into.

  117. Charlie says: October 27, 20092:45 pm

    Einstein’s Unified Theory? You mean the one he never actually made work?

    As for the rest, to incorrectly paraphrase Richard Feynman: “I think I can safely say that nobody understands string theory”.

  118. Mary says: October 27, 20094:17 pm

    So, I just thought I would contribute my experience of the actual Mayan Order material. I did not expect a 3 person pile on. I did say “projected” theory for those reasons because I have actually read a great deal about it. You all are clearly saying no to every idea and just using this forum to make yourselves feel better. Keep that up and you will have no thing.

    I am not trying to state any cohesive theory of physics, I am saying it is an accepted fact that observation of a particle changes a particle. I am not an astrophysicist, although my husband is, so I do have an opportunity to learn about physics. Please don’t make fun of him, it is not his fault his wife is hopeful about human nature and the existence of intelligent life on Earth.

    Why don’t you all just email each other congratulations for species counterpoints and leave me alone?

  119. Charlie says: October 27, 20094:32 pm

    Mary is right. I, for one, will no longer participate in the comment threads on this site!

  120. MARY GRIBBLE says: October 30, 20093:44 am

    Your great forum has just been found. I see the last interesting comment about particles was made by a lady named Mary, my name, too: Hi, Mary! I became interested in quarks (the little stuff that now you see, now you don”t,) because my beloved husband, whom I adored, and who died last July, taught me about quarks and particles. As I grieve for him, I recall he read many scientific books, including the works of Stephen Hawking. Since I live in Southern California, I, on chance ran into Mr. Hawking in his wheelchair, with modern tech communication equipment for his tragically disabled body, right outside of a Cal Tech restaurant, Cal Tech was his alma mater. It was mind-boggling and I raced home to tell my precious husband. I mention all of this becauise Einstein studied there, also, He said “Imagination is greater than knowledge” and most assuredly, he was no crackpot (although I look down on men who leave their wives, for although ladies are smarter, we are also very vulnerable. Einstein lost his glitter with me when I read he broke up with wives) No, I did not lose my train of thought: The reason I am on this forum is because I was brought up as a pampered kid in San Antonio. Because my father was tired, returning from WWII, I felt unwanted and eloped with a con man, (I discovered years later, after two children) and was tearfully carted by him to live in CA. Before I left home in SA, I had to work because my new husband had no income, I saw an ad for a typist/literary individual for THE MAYAN ORDER. The job was in an ancient building on Fredericksburg Road, just down the street from the shabby Craig Street apartment where my new con-man husband ahd I lived.

    This husband left me years ago,for he looked for wealthy women and thought he found one with a heavier purse. After being alone for five years with my two little ones, I married a wonderful man who was a loving step-father to my two children for almost forty years. My little girl, only 48, died of an incurable cancer in 2007. It is her beau who was devoted to her, and who grieves with me, who is an avid reader, of Elmer Gantry and the other con men, who was fascinated to learn I once was one of two writers for Rose Dawn in San Antonio in the early and mid-fifties.

    Rose Dawn (I never knew her real name: maybe this was her pen name) would make “cameos” briefly in the office and looked at the accounting department’s progress and having seen a little of my contributions, let them be without “editing”which made my 23-year old heart flutter and be ridiculously glad. I was and I hope still am, a Christian, so I liked that lessons of Christianity were encouraged, and I worked them into my letters to Members. Today, the airwaves are satuated with “Jesus Freaks” who hide behind God in order to ask for and receive oh shucks,you know what–: $$. I was not a fool, then and knew all of this was bottom line and bottom line, only. Although peroxide was inexpensive, Rose wore pure suede, beautifully dyed jackets and coats of pastels to complement her blonde hair. She was what today would be called “An Item”. All was quiet, in awe, when she appeared. In the photo, which was probably taken befofe I kjnew her, her hair was curled, but I knew her with blonde, shoulder-length straight hair, which was very striking with her colored jackets and coats. But although I was not in great circumstances with a no-good husband who had married me because he thought I was wealthy, I simply loved the job with Rose Dawn and the Mayan Order , because, with a wonderful. much older lady we called Verde (for green, I laughed with her), we were the only two writers for the Mayan Order. I felt like a super duper Big Shot. Many jobs have come and gone in those 60 years, but to the volunteers on this blog, that job was the most fun.
    Agape to each blogger and may The Bird of Paradise lay an egg in your beer. (This is a respectful wish. We drank Lone Star in San Antone and there were Birds of Paradise in the Brackenridge Park Zoo. San Antonio has changed, I am told). Your comments are very interesting. Do you suppose Rose Dawn is still alive, this evening? Mary

  121. Ginger says: November 13, 20091:05 pm

    Mary (Gribble), I was both happy and sad to read your post today. Happy because it sounds rather plausible and perhaps ends my investigation. Sad because it was not the insight I expected when I began searching the web for “The Mayans”. I recently found a pile of The Mayan Monographs (in my deceased father’s belongings) and was very intrigued by the “lessons”. Although, I am a career Army Officer, I am drawn to many things that purport teachings of higher knowledge. I, too, am a Christian and was especially captivated with the fact that the lessons intertwined scripture with esoteric knowledge. Before I came upon your post today, I had researched several items in the lessons and found corraborating information and it “rings true” to me after decades of self-study. This leads me to wonder how you and Verde had access to so many esoteric writings/concepts as a twenty-something without access to the search capabilities of the Internet. By the way, I, too, have connections to San Antonio having graduated from the University of Texas. So, I hope you respond back and provide some further insight on your sources for The Mayan monographs. Ginger

  122. Harold Wright, Jr says: November 13, 20091:41 pm

    Mary Gribble, how many lessons were there in whole course? You can email me. I would like to chat with you.

  123. Firebrand38 says: November 13, 20092:10 pm

    Harold, unless you’re counting on her psychic powers you might want to provide your address so she can e-mail you.

  124. Ginger says: November 13, 20093:52 pm

    If you can follow this link to “Border Radio” on google books, you’ll find a pretty detailed account of Rose Dawn and her life as an astrologer/psychic on an early radio show. I hate to burst the bubble of like minded knowledge seekers, but it looks as if Firebrand is correct in that The Mayan Order in San Antonio was founded by 2 radio show hucksters. It has been an interesting search and I do hope that Mary Gribble will post again and shed more light on how she came up with the material for the Mayan Monographs.


  125. Ray Deleon says: November 18, 20092:26 pm

    I would like to know more about Mrs. Rose Dawn. I will greatly appreciate any information anybody could provide regarding her biography. I was a member of the Mayan Order in the early 70’s, but I did not have detailded informations about Mrs. Dawn’s lifestyle.

  126. Firebrand38 says: November 18, 20093:06 pm

    Ray Deleon: Try following the last few links provided.

  127. Brandon says: November 19, 200910:53 pm


    I don’t see an obituary for Isabelle Taylor or Rose Dawn at the link you provided.

  128. AyammayA says: November 19, 200911:18 pm

    The only hate I have seen reading all these comments has come from FB38 and his ilk. Why do you persist? If you think it’s all so ridiculous, why do you waste your energy being mean-spirited. Do you really enjoy being this rude to total strangers that have done nothing to you? I am a Companion–once a Mayan always a Mayan. I say this with pride because the words contained in the lessons I received every month are still among the best I have ever read on the subjects discussed therein. Subjective historical accounts aside, whoever is really responsible for writing them are brilliant in my opinion. The Order wasn’t “cultish” in any sense of the pop culture definition of the word. No one ever met physically. Everything was done by mail to ensure ego-crap didn’t get in the way. Best few bucks a month I ever spent. HQ closed its doors with little warning a couple years ago. A fellow companion received a letter with a brief explanation, but the only notice I got was the return of the check sent for membership dues. The only ones cheated are the Firebrand-types that cheat themselves out of some of the most brilliant esoterica out there.

    Vade Mecum Volventibus Annis

  129. Brandon says: November 19, 200911:26 pm


    Regarding all the inflammatory comments, it’s a waste of time. Whoever is not a Mayan, cannot speak on behalf of it. Those that are Mayans, know what they received, and whether it was a value. I don’t understand why somebody would attack something they had no knowledge. Obviously there’s something within them they are attacking and not whatever they imaginings are attacking, since they have no real knowledge of what they are attacking since they are not Mayans. They are only making baseless assumptions of what they are attacking and what these images mean to them. For further understanding of what I am talking about please read The Four Agreements by Don Miguel Ruiz. Don is another person of an ancestral lineage of South American wisdom passed down for generations, and his informaiton to help people through 1) Being impeccable with their word 2) Don’t make assumptions 3) Don’t take anything personally 4) Always do your best. TRTH-Tha Dragon SourceRa
    As far as the greatest Mayan Wisdom ever taught is it thus, “All is Infinte Reflection, Infinite Reflection is All”. Think about it for Infinitely and for Infinity and it never stops teaching you TRUTH! This means nothing until you put the work into it, and with enough time and thought you it reveals itself slowly but surely, then it gradually brings greater and grander Light to the Eye. Mayans did not tell you the truth, they showed you how to access it for yourself. “You shall know the Truth and it shall set you free”-Jesus Tha Christos, my Brother and Companion!

  130. Firebrand38 says: November 19, 200911:27 pm

    AyammayA: My ilk? Wow! Hey everybody, I’ve got ilk!!!!

  131. Firebrand38 says: November 20, 200912:09 am

    Brandon: “something within them they are attacking and not whatever they imaginings are attacking”?

    Psychobabble. See, I understand it and I didn’t even to sign up for lessons.

    Oh, and AyammayA (if that is your real name), it’s not a waste. And I enjoy my work, I really do. The day after the 31st anniversary of Jonestown and over 12 years since Heavens Gate you have to ask why I hold you crackpots up to ridicule?

    And if you go waaay back to when these comments started you’ll see that I just began cracking wise on the unflattering photo of Rose Dawn and one of you woo-woos had to try and set me straight. So pardon me if I’m not impressed by another philosophy/religion/whatever pitched by a radio personality in Del Rio, Texas.

    And yes Brandon, I’m sure she’s still alive…maybe up in the mountains with Jeremiah Johnson, cuz some folks say he’s up there still. Actually Doug just didn’t want to tell you that a big monster came and took her to Crackpot Heaven.

  132. Brandon says: November 20, 200912:42 am

    Fire, see you make my point. You are imagining that you are attacking the same thing as Jonestown and Heavens Gate. The Mayan Order has nothing to do with that kind of ridiculous thinking or actions. The strongest premise taught, was Give and Ye Shall Receive or The Law of Cause and Effect.

  133. Firebrand38 says: November 20, 200912:47 am

    Brandon: Wow! I’m psychic! I knew you were going to draw that conclusion. Gee, Give and Ye Shall Receive…may I quote you on that? How about, Laugh and the World Laughs With You?

    Oh, yeah Rose Dawn is the source of all wisdom. That’s not ridiculous…….

  134. Brandon says: November 20, 200912:50 am

    Quote Jesus, he’s the one who taught it.

  135. Firebrand38 says: November 20, 200912:55 am

    Brandon: Sorry, not impressed. I’ll stick with Buy Low and Sell High too!

  136. Firebrand38 says: November 20, 200912:59 am

    Anyway this is fun and all but my Commando Cody: Sky Marshal of the Universe DVD arrived yesterday and tonight I’m watching Chapter Two: ATOMIC PERIL!

    Good night.

  137. Brandon says: November 20, 20092:17 am


    Here’s a good description of the Mayan Order taken from the aforementioned website link, “Mayan Order

    Box 2710
    San Antonio, TX 78299

    The Mayan Order, it is claimed, was founded by people who had rediscovered the teachings of an ancient group of holy men (H’Men) who dominated Mayan culture and to whom the greatness of the civilization was due. These men possessed great knowledge of astrology, the calendar, medicine, mathematics and occult wisdom. Only a few H’Men survived the Spanish conquest, and only three copies of the ancient books have survived. What is known of the ancient wisdom is preserved today by the Mayan Order.

    Mayan material is distributed in degree-lessons through correspondence. Early in the work, the student is taught a very simple code; in succeeding lessons, key words are printed in that code. Reincarnation is stressed within a framework of New Thought metaphysics, with the New Thought emphasis on light, mind, and the power of positive thinking. Psychokinesis in practiced by each student. Appropriate rituals are learned at each initiation; content is heavily biblical.

    Like Astara, the Mayan Order has become known through its ads in various psychic periodicals. It is under the guidance of Rose Dawn, the registrar and supreme leader.

    Membership: Not reported.

    Periodicals: Daily Meditation.

    Dawn, Rose. The Miracle Power. San Antonio, TX: Mayan Press, 1959.

    ——. The Search for Happiness. Mayan Order, 1966.”

  138. Don says: November 20, 20099:08 am

    Wow. This is still going on. It is amusing to follow, but attacking? No, no attacking. Ridicule, perhaps, but it’s normal to ridicule the ridiculous, like claims about “ancient wisdom”, as if something is better just because it’s older. Woo-woo is woo-woo, no matter its age, from Mayan Order to Scientology. Enjoy your fantasies . . . .

  139. Firebrand38 says: November 20, 200910:33 am

    Brandon: “Psychokinesis in practiced by each student”? (I think you mean is practiced)

    Well then! All you have to do is contact James Randi http://www.randi.org/si… and set up a demonstration of your abilities with psychokinesis. And if you haven’t received that lesson yet you can pass it on the the Grand Poo-Bah Companion (or whatever you call him/her/it) because they must really be good at it! Anyway, you follow the link, set up a demonstration and if you show you have psychokinesis you win a million dollars and to sweeten it, I’ll even start taking lessons in the Mayan Order. How’s that sound?

    Sorry I couldn’t respond more completely sooner about the Jesus quote thing but Commando Cody comes first. First let me say, DUH! I knew who said it. If you want to be completely accurate, O Biblical scholar it was Paul in Acts 20:35 who wrote that (but you knew that). Second, this is the same Jesus who said in Luke 11:23 “He that is not with me is against me”, oh wait…. he also said in Mark 9:40 “for whoever is not against us is for us”. Never mind.

    And the H’Men thing? How does your meditation start, holding a sword aloft and saying “By the Power of Greyskull!”

  140. MARY GRIBBLE says: November 25, 20093:41 am

    Dear Ginger and Harold,

    To Harold, I regret I do not know the total of lessons of the Mayan Order. This was in the 50’s and a long time ago, but do not believe I ever knew. It would require an investigative reporter, an intriguing profession, but alas, I am not so blessed. Best wishes, Mary
    To Ginger,
    No, I did not write the lessons and do not remember ever reading one. I responded to the hundreds of personal letters to Rose Dawn,, beginning with “Beloved Companion”,. While doing this, Verde and I attempted to heal the writers’ anxieties and lead each to the resolution of his/her problems, large and small, with our best understanding and compassion, and if you will, our own personal dependence upon God, as Christians. Our office was located in the un-airconditioned upper story. If you have ever been to San Antonio in the summer, you will get a “feel” of this, but we were Texans. A massive collection of Bibles, motivational
    books (to be sold to Members or referred to by

    Verde and me) and a large printing press with pressmen were located on the ground floor. I am sad to say, but on instinct or perhaps the giggles we heard when Verde took me into the tiny chapel to pray, but my darling late daughter’s beau who sits beside me now, found the Borders Radio huckster information, also. Let us see the big picture of the world and take things for what they are. And continue to believe that it is He who has made us and not we, ourselves. And so what, grow up, there are many hucksters out there who hide behind God. But God stays God. Seems to make sense to me. Ginger, about your dear father,
    there was much, much that was true and good mixed in with the huckster thing. My father was very good and trusting , too, with a grown-up attitude and such persons prevail. I understand how, since you are obviously very smart, you are curious. I send my condolences on for the loss of your father. My good wishes, Mary

  141. bigbluesmann says: December 12, 200911:36 pm

    Starinitiate, where are you from?

  142. bigbluesmann says: December 13, 200912:08 am

    can anyone direct me to the mayan monographs? I am a former member wanting to resume my study. and please…no unnecessary foolishness, please.

  143. Firebrand38 says: December 13, 20091:47 am

    bigbluesmann: you want mayan monographs and you’re opposed to foolishness? I see trouble ahead……

  144. bigbluesmann says: December 13, 20094:55 am

    only those who have truly applied the principles of mayanry truly understand them.

  145. Don says: December 13, 20099:32 am

    Firebrand38: He said “unnecessary foolishness” so I guess Mayan monographs would be necessary foolishness . . . necessarily . . . .

  146. Firebrand38 says: December 13, 200912:42 pm

    bigbluesmann: Wah, wah, wagh…You sound like Charlie Brown’s school teacher. Cast your perception over the previous posts I’ve heard it all before.

  147. bigbluesmann says: December 16, 20092:43 am

    now i truly understand what The Master meant when he said, “…cast not your pearls before swine…”

  148. Don says: December 16, 20098:49 am

    Oink? Oink-oink?? (Yeah, this whole thing is rather silly . . . . ;^)

  149. Firebrand38 says: December 16, 200911:30 am

    bigbluesmann: Wow, you just now figured out what that means? You’re dumber than I thought.

  150. carlos says: December 21, 200910:31 pm

    who is right i dont know and while it is fun and entertaining making fun of or ridiculizing another person,s bliefs or opinion only proves our degree of ignorance

  151. Firebrand38 says: December 21, 200910:54 pm

    carlos: No, it doesn’t.

  152. carlos says: December 22, 200910:38 pm

    my mistake

  153. bigbluesmann says: December 23, 20093:07 pm

    Carlos, let it die, brother. You, I and anyone else in Our Order know the truth. WE studied. WE meditated. WE know from our scientific application of the Revelation Principle that the truths of Mayanry are absolute and undisputable. Ms. Dawn specifically instructed us not to argue with anyone…..REMEMBER??

  154. Firebrand38 says: December 23, 20094:31 pm

    bigbluesmann: Oooo scientific? That means that you have demonstrable, reproducible results, right? Remember what the Del Rio disc jockey taught you!

    Of course, lacking that it’s just bunk!

  155. carlos says: December 23, 200910:15 pm

    bigbluesmann you are right ,brother

  156. Don says: December 23, 200910:50 pm

    Absolute truths? And undisputable? And yet you mention scientific application of your principle. Science is neither absolute nor undisputable, so what you are doing is NOT science. But if Ms Dawn says not to argue . . . .

  157. Firebrand38 says: December 23, 200911:15 pm

    Don: Ms Dawn says, TOUCH YOUR TOES! Ms Dawn says, STAND UP STRAIGHT! TOUCH YOUR TOES! Whoa, I didn’t say Ms Dawn says, you’re out carlos.

  158. carlos says: December 25, 200911:50 am

    thank you and be hapy

  159. Firebrand38 says: December 25, 20091:03 pm

    carlos: Is that an order?

  160. casino deutsch says: January 20, 201012:44 pm

    Happiness economics suggests that measures of public happiness should be used to supplement more traditional economic measures when evaluating the success of public policy.

  161. freeman says: February 10, 20104:45 pm

    Hello People,
    How are you all?

    I am interested in any one who has the mayan lessons and are willing to share them.

    Please email me at >[email protected]< thanking you very kindly.

  162. Don says: February 10, 20105:21 pm


    No I will not . . . and can I kindly suggest it was a BAD idea to put your email @ right out there like that . . . .

    You’re welcome.

  163. W.I.S.D.O.M says: February 15, 20107:24 pm

    My Interview with Jesus The Christ.

    Let us see how well you have learned my Father’s Principles. Get up and rub dirt on the back of your hand.

    I arise and go get some dirt and rub it onto the back of my hand.

    Look at it and tell me which is more important.

    As I look at the dirt on the back of my hand, my reply is: The EARTH.

    And where is the Earth?

    With a confused look but I reply “The Earth is in me”?

    How do you know this?

    Because of my 5 senses.

    What do they enable you to do?

    They enable me to use my Mind.

    To use it for what?

    To perceive this reality.

    Where do these perceptions go?

    They pass through my Mind onto my Soul.

    What does the Soul consist of?

    My Character and Imagination

    What would you like to imagine?

    A reality of my own Character.

    How shall this reality be governed?

    By the Spirit of Truth!

    What does the Human Spirit consist of?

    Will and Desire.

    What do you desire to receive?

    Thy Kingdome Come.

    How will that be accomplished?

    Thy Will be done.

    Will be done where?

    On EARTH.

    How shall it be done?

    As it is in Heaven.

    Where is Heaven?

    Looking at the back of my hand (Earth). I say “Heaven is in me”!

    May the most high bless every reader of his works!

    By W.I.S.O.M

    Word Inside some dimension of Mankind!

  164. W.I.S.D.O.M says: February 15, 20107:31 pm

    My Interview with Jesus The Christ.

    Let us see how well you have learned my Father’s Principles. Get up and rub dirt on the back of your hand.

    I arise and go get some dirt and rub it onto the back of my hand.

    Look at it and tell me which is more important.

    As I look at the dirt on the back of my hand, my reply is: The EARTH.

    And where is the Earth?

    With a confused look but I reply “The Earth is in me”?

    How do you know this?

    Because of my 5 senses.

    What do they enable you to do?

    They enable me to use my Mind.

    To use it for what?

    To perceive this reality.

    Where do these perceptions go?

    They pass through my Mind onto my Soul.

    What does the Soul consist of?

    My Character and Imagination

    What would you like to imagine?

    A reality of my own Character.

    How shall this reality be governed?

    By the Spirit of Truth!

    What does the Human Spirit consist of?

    Will and Desire.

    What do you desire to receive?

    Thy Kingdome Come.

    How will that be accomplished?

    Thy Will be done.

    Will be done where?

    On EARTH.

    How shall it be done?

    As it is in Heaven.

    Where is Heaven?

    Looking at the back of my hand (Earth). I say “Heaven is in me”!

    May the most high bless every reader of his works!

    By W.I.S.D.O.M

    Word Inside some dimension of Mankind!

  165. Firebrand38 says: February 15, 20109:20 pm

    W.I.S.D.O.M: Congratulations! You just made Star Initiate seem normal!

    By the way once is too much, no need to repeat this nonsense.

  166. W.I.S.D.O.M says: February 15, 201010:07 pm

    Posted twice by mistake. Who is Star Initiate?

  167. Toronto says: February 15, 201011:25 pm

    The Kingdome come?

    I hate to break it to you, Wis, but the Kingdome gone.

    It was imploded in March, 2000. The site is now the home of Qwest Field, named after a cereal popular in the late 1960s, I believe.

  168. W.I.S.D.O.M says: February 15, 201011:52 pm

    Lol. Toronto

    The Kingdome hasn’t come as of yet because the System-Authorized-To-Attack-Nature (S.A.T.A.N) is exercising their influence through The-Intrinsic-Material-Existence. But, after The-Inner-Mind Experience is over, TIME would have revealed the truth. Everyman will come to know how he was made and why he was made then each man will be searched to see who all has come to know the Spirit of Truth. You and I know it won’t be a pretty site! HINT “Research the CARBON element” Try and find its electronic signature. It’s the key to physical life.

    “To the man who has W.I.S.D.O.M let him calculate the number of the beast, for it is man’s number”. If you see what I know then you will have open up to the Spirit of Truth. “When the Spirit of truth comes, he will guide you unto all the truth”.

    Later. Good Luck!

  169. Firebrand38 says: February 16, 201012:09 am

    W.I.S.D.O.M: You of course are a demonstration of N.U.T.S. and no, that’s not an acronym. Look towards Buckaroo Banzai’s Oscillator Overthruster for the key! Oh, if Jesus didn’t get around to telling you…..go wash the back of your hand.

  170. Toronto says: February 16, 20101:01 am

    I’d suggest you put down that TIME and get a LIFE.

  171. Firebrand38 says: February 16, 20101:12 am

    Toronto: Excellent! Well said!

  172. W.I.S.D.O.M says: February 16, 20101:28 am


    It’s unfortunate for you that it would wash off the back of your hand.

  173. Don says: February 16, 20109:27 am

    Cheese and Rice! It’s up to 172 comments!! (173 with this one ;^)

    And there are people who take this seriously??


    People are weird . . . .

  174. Firebrand38 says: February 16, 201010:38 am

    Don: Don’t forget a number of those comments consist of our ridicule.

  175. Firebrand38 says: February 16, 201012:07 pm

    W.I.S.D.O.M: So at the end of the day it’s just a dirty hand….

  176. Don says: February 16, 20104:50 pm

    @Firebrand38: Ridicule? RIDICULE??

    I NEVER ridiculed. Scoffed, maybe, but . . .

    . . . OK, I ridiculed too.

    But tha’s what I do when I encounter the ridiculous, don’t you?

  177. Firebrand38 says: February 16, 20105:32 pm

    Don: Scoffing is good. I tend towards ridicule, we strike a balance that way. And if you’ll recall we’ve been comrades in scoff since the beginning (and til the bitter end).

    Reading W.I.S.D.O.M’s (if that’s his real name) blather I can’t help but wonder if it’s a result of illegal drugs he took in his youth or prescription meds he’s taking now.

  178. W.I.S.D.O.M says: February 16, 201011:01 pm

    Lol. No drugs fellas. Its all good tho.

  179. Firebrand38 says: February 17, 201012:11 am

    W.I.S.D.O.M: Then maybe you should start taking some. Maybe Aripiprazole and Zotepine.
    That whole “Father’s Principles” thing? That New Age claptrap isn’t supported by either the Old or New Testaments. Don’t let that Joseph Smith thing about making up new scripture sway you either. You’re stuck with what was approved by the whole Nicean Council and Council of Trent. So go wash your hand.

  180. W.I.S.D.O.M says: February 20, 20105:44 pm

    I’m not here to word battle or become your enemy. What you fail to realize is “Father’s Principle” Words above are not meant to be taken literally or from some NEW AGE theory. It’s an interpretation to the following statement that you will find written only here but is plain common sense. This statement is as follows:

    “That which you believe will affect you but no matter what you believe, NOTHING can change the TRUTH”

    From the very simple fact that we can read and write is the first step toward deception. That which you read becomes a part of you and that which you write is from your imagination or just you following instructions.

    “TRUTH” is a word that we we’re told what it means. A “WORD” reveals the thought. If the definition of the “WORD” diverts the thought from the “FACT” then the Mind has affectively been deceived!

    Think about it? It comes down to “FAITH”.

  181. W.I.S.D.O.M says: February 20, 20106:02 pm

    It’s funny how you know of a Joseph Smith, Nicean Council and Council of Trent. I know nothing of it. I hope you haven’t read any material relating to them because if you have then you’re falling for their trap! From the very beginning, if a subject of one’s thought doesn’t feel right to you then let it go. Don’t read it. Let it go. I mean if the title alone don’t feel right then let it go man! Our adversary is highly intelligent. Why else we would need a savior?

  182. Firebrand38 says: February 20, 20106:27 pm

    W.I.S.D.O.M: Dude, reading your gibberish convinces me that between the two of us I’m the only one who has thought of it.
    I can’t figure out what your game is. I don’t know whether you’re recruiting another “Away Team” to castrate themselves and commit suicide when the next comet appears, building a Marxist Utopia where you’re the only one allowed sex in Guyana before drinking poisoned Flavor Ade (not Kool-Aid) or what. I’m hoping that an ACLU lawsuit allowed patients like you at “the home” to have e-mail in between shock treatments.

  183. Don says: February 20, 20109:46 pm

    @WHISDUMB: Good question: Why WOULD we need a savior? To be saved from WHAT??

    (That reminds me of a prank that was done in my hometown. Someone move some signs so they said “JESUS SAVES — S&H GREENSTAMPS” ;^)

  184. Don says: February 20, 201010:48 pm

    And who is this adversary of whom you speak??

  185. Brent Mullikin says: April 6, 20106:57 pm

    Can you please send a copy of your free booklet? Brent Mullikin, 12055 SLR, Tollesboro, Ky 41189 Thanks.

  186. Toronto says: April 6, 20108:03 pm

    I don’t see a 3 cent Jefferson stamp on your email, Brent, so no booklet for you.

  187. Harold wright says: April 26, 20107:14 pm

    Can anyone tell me if the Mayans Lessons are copyrighted and who hold the copyright?

  188. Harold wright says: May 13, 20108:24 am

    The reason I want to know about the copyright, I am writing a novel a christian guru and want to use some that material in it.

  189. Firebrand38 says: May 13, 20108:40 am

    Harold wright: “want to use some that material in it.”? “a novel a christian guru”? I hope you have a really good editor!

  190. Harold wright says: May 13, 201011:33 am

    Thanks. I did leave out a word or two. The fact is I am writing a novel about a christian guru.

  191. Mike says: May 18, 20105:53 am

    I was a member of this organization for a while and I found the lessons enlightening. They seemed sincere in their desire to help people who my not have have found any other ‘bridge’ to something ‘higher’. If someone is going to condemn this group can you tell us what you yourself have to offer to explain the deeper mysteries of life and/or offer hope to those who are suffering currently or have in the past? Thanks

  192. Firebrand38 says: May 18, 20106:28 am

    Mike: Yeah, nice try but it doesn’t work that way. As Heinlein said all analogy is suspect, but if someone is selling distilled water as a cure for cancer and I point out that it’s a scam I really don’t have to offer my own cure for cancer in order to point that out. But you knew that.

    Gee, a con man sounded sincere to you? Hey, you got two tens for a five?

    And I have no doubt David Koresh and Marshall Applewhite were equally sincere.

  193. Harold wright says: May 18, 201012:59 pm

    It seem as though no one knows about the copywrite. Please help me. Write: [email protected].

  194. Don says: May 18, 20101:04 pm

    Harold: before you get too fired up about this, it seems to me you should try to understand what a “copyright” is.

    (Hint: the word isn’t “copywrite” . . . . )

  195. Harold wright says: May 19, 20108:13 am

    Thanks, Don. I will correct it. Now will some one give me an answer on copyright?

  196. Harold wright says: June 22, 20106:21 pm

    To those persons interested the Mayan lesson, 1- 374, I have them. Contact me at P 0 Box 425, Leesville, La. 71496.

  197. Don says: June 22, 20107:25 pm

    Uhhh . . . well . . . congratulations I guess, Harold.

  198. marilyn says: July 19, 20107:14 am

    Im lookingfor a copy of .alittl.ebooklet I ordered from the order in the 70s it was called a call to pray. At that time it cost a dollar. any one with a copy or know where i can get a copy please let me know. thanks

  199. Harold wright says: August 28, 20106:10 pm

    To Mary Gribble and others, are the Mayan lessons still under copyright?

  200. Firebrand38 says: August 28, 20109:52 pm

    Harold wright: At least until December 2012!

    Don, they won’t let me change!

  201. Harold wright says: August 30, 20106:07 am

    Dear Firebrand38, I just want to know who holds the copyright. I want to get permission to use some of their writings.

  202. jayessell says: August 30, 201012:20 pm

    Ask the guys at Project Gutenberg (http://www.gutenberg.or…)
    how they determine if a work is out of copyright.

    I don’t think you can claim an expired copyright.

  203. bigbluesmann says: October 2, 201011:44 pm

    The Mayan Order Lessons can be acquired through an outfit called stichtingargus.These people collect material from a large, diverse group of fraternal organizations, both existing and extant. You can either order them through paypal or mail order. They don’t have the complete set of lessons from #1 to #400, but they have MORE THAN ENOUGH TO KEEP YOU BUSY FOR YEARS TO COME.

  204. Mary Gribble says: November 17, 20101:45 am

    Harold Wright, I regret the time elapsed in responding to your question.
    It is my understanding that material written in the United States is blessed with gratis copyright protection as routine procedure. Plus or minus 16 years ago, I inquired by mail and received a response to this effect. I have not worked for Rose Dawn since I was 23 years old,which was many years ago. If what I assume is not accurate, I feel that the present owners of the Mayan Order have complied with the once every 28 years’ renewal.

  205. Harold wright says: November 17, 201012:28 pm

    Thanks, Mary Gribble. Do you know who the new owners are?

  206. Mary Gribble says: January 9, 201110:53 pm

    Harold: I regret I do not keep up with the Mayans or who owns them at present. I had a job answering letters for the Mayan Order many years ago. I moved in 1955 to another state, and have had many jobs since that time. I am now old and retired, but as a writer I researched some of my old jobs, The Mayan Order being on the list.

  207. Breanne says: March 24, 20117:29 pm

    Mary Gribble,
    If possible, I would really like to talk to you in more detail about Rose Dawn. My family recently purchased a property that I believed belonged to her while you worked for her. Would you be willing to communicate via email with me?

  208. Jodie Wilson says: March 25, 20114:58 am

    Hello, I’m a reference & local history librarian at the Crawfordsville District Public Library in Crawfordsville, Indiana. Rose Dawn, aka Isabelle Coutant Taylor, was born in Crawfordsville in 1897. I am researching her life, and wondered if anyone else knew more about her. In her father’s obituary, it mentions that there was a grandson. He only had one child: Isabelle. Does anyone know what became of him? Does anyone have a good-quality photo of Rose Dawn they would be willing to lend? Please contact me at the Crawfordsville District Public Library, or via e-mail to [email protected]. Thank you!

  209. John says: March 25, 20117:15 am
  210. fasteddie says: March 29, 201112:56 am

    recently came into major collection mayan order reading material still in original mailing envelopes. these items are in pristine condition. also have beautifull tie clasp excellent condition.

  211. Breanne says: March 29, 20115:43 am

    I am interested in purchasing your collect of Mayan Order reading material and the tie clasp. Are you considering selling the material?
    Thank you.

  212. Mary Gribble says: May 25, 20112:06 am

    Bteanne, Your post regarding your family’s having purchased property which Rose Dawn may have owned while I worked for her was very interesting. I am planning, (when I sell my home here in CA )to move to San Antonio. I remember well the un-airconditioned upstairs on St. Mary’s, where I typed letters to reply to her mail from all over the world! I still have clear plastic earrings with little mustard seeds of hope inside from her store of unique offerings! I am interested in your acquaintance with the old St. Mary’s Street facilities, then a book store and large printing press on the ground floor, our offices on the second, and Rose Dawn, (Isabella). I had a phone call last year from a man who was researching the msn with whom she partnered in business. I could not be of much help to him.

  213. Breanne says: May 25, 20115:54 pm

    I am interested in learning more about Ruth Paterson? Did you work with her at the Order? Do you remember a man with the last name of Marines who lived in a guest home on Isabelle’s estate? Can you tell me anything about these people?

    Also, I have the Mayan Order ring, but I am interested in purchasing more things, including papers from the Order. I am also interested in purchasing “unique offerings,” like your earrings with the mustard seeds. Thanks!

  214. Dee says: June 23, 201110:55 pm

    I have a friend who has a lotta stuff from the Mayan Order, even from the 1940’s…..when stamps were 2¢!! Including notorized certificate of induction. Plus lots, I mean lots of original books, booklets and pamphlets on related topics and such. Items are in original shipped boxes, such as inscense, perfumes, herbs, etc… All of this is in excellent condition I would say. Anyone know where the best market interest for this stuff might be? Thanks to any replies of help.

  215. fast eddie says: June 24, 20112:17 am

    Hi breanne sorry for the Late réply. In fact i am intrested in finding a good home for my collection. My problem is i dont seem to have time to cataLoug them or to research their value. I stand by my statement of pristine condition and if you are serious about obtaining them we can arrange to start negotiations. If however you are looking to obtain valuable items at little cost please feel free to look elsewhere. I am a reasonable person who Will entertain any honest offer. I look. Forward to your reply. Again thanks for your intrest i look forward to hearing from you.

  216. Breanne says: June 27, 20117:36 am

    Wow–it is exciting to hear that a few of you have pristine artifacts from the order. If you could post the items and the starting bid, I would be more than happy to begin negotiations. Currently, Mayan Order books and artifacts are starting bids at $9.99 (on ebay). The most I have paid for an artifact was $21.95 for the sterling silver Mayan Order ring (on ebay). I am also interested in interviewing people who knew Rose Dawn (like the poster Mary). I will compensate these people for their time. Please let me know who is interested. Thank you.

  217. John says: June 27, 20117:53 am

    Breanne » Take it to ebay. Don’t hold an auction here.

  218. Breanne says: June 27, 20118:48 am

    I don’t see any information on this site that states auctions are not allowed. I apologize if you are a system administrator. I will continue with the negotiations for interested parties or you can email me directly.

  219. Breanne says: June 27, 20118:56 am

    If anyone does decide to post on ebay, please alert us here. Thanks.

  220. John says: June 27, 20119:01 am

    Breanne » No I’m nobody special but as a long time member I’d just as soon not see the comments section cluttered up with bidding on Mayan Order nonsense. Old hands will remember the famous Wife Swapping episode. http://blog.modernmecha…
    Charlie finally had to close comments for that post.

    And the information on the website is obvious. The masthead says “Modern Mechanix” NOT “eBay”.

  221. Harold wright says: August 22, 20119:04 pm

    I have some Mayans lessons, 1-354. If any one need any copies of these, let me know. –P O Box 425, Leesville, La. 71496

  222. ELLE says: December 13, 201111:04 pm

    Harold Wright please contact me! I have lost some of my lessons pages and got only into the 3rd Degree.



  223. Men Aumen Baa says: January 6, 201411:38 pm

    Peace beloved companions…..Im looking for the Mayan lessons of 300 and upward. Im willing to pág for a copy of them or the originalprint…..I can be reached at [email protected]

    Thank you

  224. Men Aumen Baa says: January 6, 201411:42 pm

    @ Harold if you can email me a number we can arrange something for the lessons im missing.
    Thanks ahead of time….also Eddie please ready out to me as well…

  225. Wobbler says: May 27, 20142:35 am

    She looks scary. I’d rather give a dollar not to join.

  226. Wobbler says: May 27, 20142:44 am

    It looks like you can still get it:

  227. Lisa Gunter says: July 26, 20178:09 pm

    Is this discussion still active?

  228. John says: July 27, 20176:34 am

    Lisa Gunter » If you gotta ask…

  229. graceguru says: May 14, 20187:17 am

    I want to about the mayan lessons.

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