Would You Have Beauty? (Aug, 1930)

Would You Have Beauty?

By Bernarr Macfadden

BEAUTY is supposed to be an invaluable possession.

Many girls, when they realize that they are beautiful, become slaves to the conventional methods of enhancing their charms.

They may have a complexion that is tinted with nature’s most enticing appeal; they may have lips that remind you of ripe cherries; their eyes may sparkle with the feminine lure that few men can resist.

But rarely do they have the mental balance essential to fully appreciate these natural charms. They are not entirely satisfied with them. They cannot resist the appeal of cosmetics.

And many chemical so-called aids to beauty are ultimately harmful.

A smooth skin is often bleached or made pimply; red lips lose their vivid coloring. The vitality that was the source of the charm in the first instance gradually lessens and the much admired beauty slowly fades.

You may freshen white lips, or careworn cheeks, and try to brighten lusterless eyes, but no artificial means can bring back nature’s exquisite allurement.

Real beauty comes from within. It is the result of perfect functioning of all the vital forces.

It has a bewitching appeal, an allurement that shines through femininity’s instinctive desire for mating.

Vitality, and still more vitality, is the answer for those who wish to enhance their physical attractiveness!

The food you eat should be carefully selected. The exercises you take should be of such a nature as to build the entire body into a perfect whole.

You have but little need for superficial aids when beauty of this character has been properly cultivated. It is just as natural as the noonday sun, the evening twilight.

Exercises that build beautiful bodies make one energetic, add vivacity and animation to every movement of the body.

And if, added to these physical charms, there is the mental balance that comes with an understanding of life in its important phases, one has indeed made herself an attractive feminine force.

It is women of this sort who can pick and choose from a crowd of eligibles, who can select for a mate a splendid type of masculinity, fully able to share the responsibilities of home-building.

For, after all, the alluring appeal of beauty is utilitarian; it is a home-building force on which the nation must depend for perpetuating its power and supremacy.

  1. Torgo says: March 31, 200911:19 pm

    I didn’t read the article, but the picture of Nancy Carroll is quite welcome.

  2. rick says: April 1, 200911:27 am

    What about Betty Boop on the cover?


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