Wow! Now Chemcraft has ATOMIC ENERGY! (Dec, 1947)

Wow! Now Chemcraft has ATOMIC ENERGY!

Safe! Exciting! Real!
Exclusive with CHEMCRAFT!

Safe, exciting Atomic Energy Experiments make Chcmcraft more fun than ever before. And listen, fellows . . .Chemcraft’s Atomic Energy feature is the REAL THING! You actually conduct your own experiments with the awesome, mysterious and breath-taking force of Atomic Energy. Yet all materials, experiments and apparatus are absolutely safe . . . even the Uranium Ore released to Chemcraft by the U. S. Atomic Energy Commission. Send today for new FREE descriptive booklet. Mail coupon below. Insist on . . .
CHEMCRAFT – America’s Leading Chemistry Outfits

Atomic Energy comes to you as an EXTRA SPECIAL ADDITION to the many other exciting, exclusive features which have made the name CHEMCRAFT famous among millions of boy and girl chemists.

Experiments, Instruction Manuals, Chemical Magic, Bryan Chemical Illustrators, Glass Blowing, Chemcraft Chemistry Charts, “The Story of Chemistry” booklet and other popular, exclusive features are included in the larger Chemcraft outfits as usual. No other chemistry outfits give you such a broad assortment of high-grade chemicals, in such large quantities. Ask for it by name.

CHEMCRAFT—SOLD BY LEADING STORES EVERYWHERE • • • No Poisons, No Explosives, No Unpleasant Chemicals

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  2. Stephen Edwards says: December 16, 20123:15 pm

    How far we’ve come. Didn’t they recently ban carbon from chemistry sets like these?

  3. JMyint says: December 17, 20127:39 am

    Stephen I checked a few chemistry sets at Edmund Scientific and they still have carbon.


  4. Charlie says: December 17, 20123:35 pm

    Why wouldn’t they come with carbon? They’d just need to include some graphite. Or maybe diamond in the fancier kits.

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