Wrestler Spars With Dummy (Feb, 1937)

Wrestler Spars With Dummy
A WRESTLER in Detroit, Mich., prepares for bouts by practicing his holds on a wooden sparring partner. “Sandowstein,” as the wooden dummy is called, is equipped with springs and braces that furnish resistant tension for the strong arms and legs of the wrestler, Everett Marshall.

  1. fred says: April 22, 200910:33 pm

    after consummating their relationship in the ring …Sandowstein and Everett were married in a quiet ceremony in Flint

  2. katey says: April 22, 200911:33 pm

    Shadowstein is also a great possible band name!

  3. Firebrand38 says: April 28, 200910:35 pm

    Didn’t help him in his next championship match in December of that year http://www.onlineworldo…

  4. Jilly says: April 28, 200911:56 pm
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