Wrestlers Stage Underwater Battles (Jul, 1939)

Wrestlers Stage Underwater Battles

Submarine matmen are staging underwater wrestling matches in a swimming pool, as a novel attraction for vacationing visitors at an Atlantic seaside resort. Viewed through glass windows in the walls of the swimming tank, the wrestlers seem to be staging a slow-motion bout as they make and break holds beneath the surface of the water.

  1. emailacar says: December 1, 20086:17 am

    I don’t know… but that strikes me as a rather bad idea 😀

  2. Mike says: December 1, 20088:40 am

    Sammy the Sharks underwater sleeper hold should not be missed!

  3. Chris Radcliff says: December 1, 20085:22 pm

    Later they added a few rules and rechristened it “water polo.”

  4. Sherman says: December 2, 20086:42 pm

    Is there perhaps a typo in the headline? Should it be “Wrestlers stage underwater ballets”?

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