Wrist Lighter (Oct, 1947)

Wrist Lighter is the latest novelty for the smoker. Strapped on the wrist, and outwardly resembling a watch, it lights when the cover is flicked back, as demonstrated above. It is being marketed by Samuel Jones, Ltd., London.

  1. Neil Russell says: November 28, 20072:28 pm

    Thank goodness this was gone before the dawn of the Polyester Age and the leisure suit. Think of all the spontaneous Disco fires that were prevented!

  2. jayessell says: December 1, 20076:14 am

    Bond! It’s not a toy! Don’t use it to light your cigerette!


    Is it also a watch?

  3. Pete says: June 10, 20081:20 pm

    I wish I had one of these but, I might be a bit worried if I was out in the sun for any amount of time with a flammable device strapped to my wrist.

  4. aleksman71 says: August 27, 200812:50 pm

    Where was this when I was smoking?

    Popravilo racunalnikov na vaĊĦem domu

  5. Mark heisey says: November 29, 20081:19 pm

    Check out the Harrison Ford film, Frantic, to see a wrist lighter used in a Paris hotel scene..

  6. MARIO G MATEO says: October 13, 20098:33 pm


  7. Firebrand38 says: October 13, 20099:37 pm

    MARIO G MATEO: Don’t use all caps. It’s the same as shouting and is considered rude.

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