X-Ray Detects Disease in Mummies (Nov, 1928)

Looks like an alien autopsy photo.

X-Ray Detects Disease in Mummies

THE X-ray is the latest instrument of science being empolyed by experts in photographing Egyptian mummies to determine the nature of the diseases which ravaged the ancients. The above X-ray of an Egyptian boy’s mummy is interesting in its disclosure of the fact that he suffered from malnutrition. Scientists determine this from the irregular development of the ends of the long bones, indicating deficiency of calcium in the diet. Photographs of other mummies show distinct curvatures of the spine. Teeth condition is also studied fron the photographs.

The advantage of the X-ray is that the bone structure of the mummies can be studied without unwrapping the body, with the consequent lowering in value of the mum-my as a museum specimen.

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  1. fluffy says: June 23, 20088:32 am

    The good news is that if that mummy were to ever come back to life as in a horror movie, we wouldn’t have to worry too much about it grabbing the girl or even walking very well.

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