Yes! I Turn Weaklings into HE-MEN! (Nov, 1946)

Yes! I Turn Weaklings into HE-MEN!

Let Me Make YOU a NEW MAN —in Just 15 Minutes a Day!

YES, Sir, that’s my job! I “REBUILD” skinny, run-down weaklings — fellows so embarrassed by their second-rate physical condition that they always hang back, let others walk off with the best jobs, the prettiest girls, the most fun and popularity. I turn weaklings like these into HE-MEN—REAL SPECIMENS OF HANDSOME, MUSCULAR MANHOOD — overflowing with pep, power, vitality! I’ll PROVE that, in only 15 minutes a day, I can make YOU a NEW MAN too!

I’LL PROVE What I Say!

I know what it’s like to have a body others laugh at. I myself was once a 97-pound weakling—timid, ill-at-ease, ashamed to strip for sports or a swim.

Then I discovered “Dynamic Tension.” It changed me from a scrawny ‘string-bean” into the winner of the title, “THE WORLDS MOST PERFECTLY DEVELOPED MAN.” Since then my “Dynamic Tension” has transformed thousands of other weak, no-muscle men into real Atlas Champions!

What I’ll Do For YOU!

Where do YOU want solid, tough LIVE MUSCLE? Are you fat and flabby? Or skinny and gawky? Are you short-winded, sluggish, always tired? I’ll give you a sledge-hammer fist and mighty forearm. Add inches to your biceps. Put a coat of muscle straight across your stomach. Change those legs that are “always tired” into mighty, vigorous columns of speed and stamina. You’ll begin to know what it feels like to really LIVE!

SEND FOR FREE BOOK Mail coupon right now. I’ll send you a FREE COPY of my famous illustrated book, “Everlasting Health and Strength.” In it I talk to you in straight-from-the-shoulder language— show you actual photographs of myself and other fellows who became NEW MEN, my way. You’ll read the story of “Dynamic Tension” — what it has done for others, what I’m ready to PROVE in only 15 minutes a day, it can do for YOU! Send for this book today! AT ONCE! Address me personally. CHARLES ATLAS, Dept. 1L, 115 East 23rd Street, New York 10, N. Y.

  1. Firebrand38 says: April 8, 20086:19 am

    The company is still in business although Charles Atlas (the former Angelo Siciliano) passed away in 1972.

  2. Stannous says: April 8, 20086:58 pm

    If only Barry Bonds, Jose Canseco, Jason Giambi, and the rest had just read Popular Science!

  3. sporkinum says: April 9, 20089:50 am

    A weakling weighing ninety-eight pounds
    Will get sand in his face when kicked to the ground.

    And soon in the gym with a determined chin,
    The sweat from his pores as he works for his cause…
    Will make him glisten… and gleam
    And with massage, and just a little bit of steam
    He’ll be pink and quite clean
    He’ll be a strong man. Oh honey…
    But the wrong man.

    He’ll eat nutritious high protein and swallow raw eggs.
    Try to build up his shoulders, his chest, arms, and legs.
    Such an effort if he only knew of my plan.
    In just seven days, I can make you a man.

    He’ll do press-ups, and chin-ups, do the snatch, clean and jerk.
    He thinks dynamic tension must be hard work.
    Such strenuous living I just don’t understand
    When in just seven days, oh baby, I can make you a man.

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