Be Your Own Boss Have Nicer Work Earn More Money Be a Person of Importance in Your Community Here is a new, easily learned profession, originated by the sudden new demand for drugless methods of healing. The scientific name for the new calling is “Physiotherapy.” It requires no unusual manual skill and needs no supervised clinical practice. Hence any man or woman of mature intelligence can quickly master the fundamentals and enter this dignified profession, where the demand is urgent and the fees large.

Modern Drugless Healing is founded upon accepted scientific principles. It follows simple, natural principles that everyone knows and accepts. That is why the leading school of drugless healing in America, teaching by correspondence can train at home students without premedical training or higher education.

Motion Picture Instruction In Your Own Home

Another reason why training in Physiotherapy is now so amazingly simple—Every student who enrolls for this course receives a moving picture projector, together with a complete set of films that show the practical work of the Physiotherapist. There is no extra charge for this equipment By its use you can learn more about drugless methods of correcting physical disorders in a week than you could learn in months without it.

Big Demand — Earn While You Learn

Millions of men and women need this wonderful new science. Based upon the truly remarkable results in the army hospitals, the demand for Physiotherapy has spread rapidly in the United States. Many physicians frequently send their patients to Physio- therapists. The public has also become educated to the value of this modern drugless system. In other words, there is waiting for you a dignified profession, a large clientele, and amazing big incomes.


American University, 510 N. Dearborn St., Dept. Nil, Chicago, 111.

  1. Kosher Ham says: June 9, 201010:28 am

    A physical therapist or a massage therapist?

  2. BARRY IN LAS VEGAS says: June 9, 201011:26 am

    I took this course. Now I operate a chain of massage parlors in Las Vegas, Nevada. The motion pictures really helped me learn quickly.

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