You Can Have a Lovely Bust Line (Mar, 1955)

You Can Have a Lovely Bust Line

NOW ONLY $1.00 -That’s All!

CHANGE YOUR FLAT BUSTLINE INTO A FULL AND ALLURING SHAPE Don’t suffer shame and embarrassment over a flat, undeveloped or sagging bust! Thousands of women just like yourself have discovered this safe, easy and positive way of bringing out their loveliest curves! Guaranteed harmless!


All you have to do is follow the easy directions on massage, exercise, brassieres, diet, etc., given in this great medically-endorsed book, “THE GUIDE TO BUST GLAMOUR.” By adopting this simple and wonderful advice at once, your bust will positively look well-rounded, youthful and firm… making you more attractive and desirable than ever!

Amazing life-time results!


Just mail coupon below.

GLAMOUR STUDIOS, Box 465-A, Baltimore 3, Md.

Send me “GUIDE TO BUST GLAMOUR” in plain wrapper. I will pay postman $1.00 plus few cents postage on delivery. If not satisfied I may return it within ten days and my $1.00 will be refunded immediately.

  1. Charlene says: May 9, 20121:40 pm

    “Etc” = falsies?

  2. Hirudinea says: May 9, 20123:24 pm

    @ Charlene – I think its just an envelope with two balloons inside.

  3. Toronto says: May 9, 20127:01 pm

    Charlene: “Brassieres” alone cover those, for reasonable definitions of the word. ( I recall several examples from my younger days.)

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