You Can Now Play Real Golf at Home (Oct, 1921)

This word, “real”, I do not think it means what you think it means.

You Can Now Play Real Golf at Home


Henceforth you may play golf indoors and virtually watch the appearance of the shot and the extent of the flight through the air. A clean, straight-hit ball is a poem of swift, silent flight. With this new machine and the score card of any course in the world, you can play that course, using the machine for your shots up to the green, and with a piece of carpet and a putting cup playing the hole out to its conclusion.

The machine is an excellent device for practice as it may be set up in any back yard or indoors, and the attention may be concentrated on stroking where players are out of each other’s way and where golf balls do not have to be chased and often lost. It works equally well for both right- and left-handed players. You can hit the ball with your full power or with half swings. You can gage the distance of every shot as the indicator hand on the dial gives you your distance to the exact yard.

Almost every man or woman could learn to play an excellent game of golf if he or she only had a chance to practice. The aspiring golfer knows what it means to lack this great essential. This little machine practically provides your own private golf course, available at any time, in any weather, and by any number of players.

As shown in the illustration, a captive regulation golf ball is laid on the mat and hit in the same way that a shot would be made from the tee or in the fairway. It leaves the club face with great speed, but is confined to a small circular flight about the machine by the airplane cable to which it is attached and the steel spring parallel to the upright standard of the machine.

The revolving ball pulls upon this spring, which is made to rotate on ball bearings and in turn rotates a graduated dial. The dial begins to register ten yards for every revolution and stops only when the centrifugal force of the ball has died out, or in other words, when the flight has ended. The ball in its flight is carefully balanced by the arm and counterweight, and the accuracy of registry is amazing.

Wood or iron clubs can be used equally well. Mid-iron shots are shown with perfect fidelity. The flights of good shots are accurately recorded.

  1. Toronto says: March 21, 20132:35 pm

    What, no canned video of the actual course?

    Add the video and subtract the dangerous-looking ball on a string, and these places were popular 15 years ago. There was one in First Canadian Place which has since turned into a half-descent Szechuan place.

  2. Hirudinea says: March 21, 20136:32 pm

    Plus ça change, plus c’est la même chose.

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