You Can Tramp All Day (Mar, 1922)

Separate Sack Suspensory.

You Can Tramp All Day

You can do the hardest work or play without strain, chafing or pinching if you wear a Separate Sack Suspensory. The S.S.S. has no irritating leg straps, no oppressive band on the sack, no scratching metal slides. It is made just as nature intended.

(Note illustration.)

With the S.S.S. you always have a clean suspensory every morning. Each outfit has two sacks, you can clip one fast to the supporting straps while the other sack is cleaned. All sizes. Mailed in plain package on receipt of price. Money refunded If not satisfactory. Send stamp for booklet.


65 Park Place Watertown, N. Y.

  1. Tracy says: December 24, 20092:36 pm

    I wonder what the sizes are…. Extra Large, Immense or Unbelievable?

    I don’t think that strapless jockstraps really caught on……

  2. Firebrand38 says: December 24, 20093:15 pm
  3. Charlene says: December 24, 20094:35 pm

    I know a lot of men who manage to tramp all day and all night without one of these.

  4. galessa says: December 26, 20098:32 am

    Oh yeah, just like nature intended…

  5. Tracy says: December 29, 20093:40 pm

    What next? a wonder jock or padded jock? I guess if you had a hot date, a pushup jock? Note: serious athletes such as football players, etc wear a cup as well. I wonder if there are cup sizes?
    Every high school swim team/ water polo team has the endless jokes about stuffing a sock in the front of their speedos, before the team picture is taken……

  6. addie says: December 30, 200910:53 am

    Why do they mention, “no irritating METAL slides?”
    Were some under things for men designed with metal slides in their construction?
    Gosh men are facinating.

    addie B)

  7. Tracy B says: December 31, 20097:11 pm

    You got me there. Perhaps it must be similar to an underwire bra.

    It could be also an adjustable belt, for they may not have had spandex back in those days. Still the idea of a metal buckle or slide doesn’t sound too comfortable, although if properly designed might be rather attractive to look at……

  8. Toronto says: January 1, 20101:10 am

    The illustrated device has two sets of sliders – a pair of large ones on the main belt, and smaller ones on the vertical components. I wonder what they were made of (in 1922) if not metal. Tagua, perhaps?

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