Young man with a Future in the ATOMIC AGE (Mar, 1955)

Young man with a Future in the ATOMIC AGE

Today, this young engineer is helping us solve the complex problems inherent in the development of a nuclear aircraft engine.

He is doing engineering that offers innumerable opportunities for creative thinking. Frequently, he works on problems that could lead to early professional recognition.

Tomorrow, because of his early start in this still new field, he can look for a better-than-average future in the Atomic Age.

Would you like a similar opportunity? If so, there are still openings for young men with at least a B.S. degree and up to 5 years’ experience.

It’s worth investigating. So write today!

We are interested in contacting —

• Engineering Physicists • Metallurgists
Aeronautical, Mechanical & Chemical Engineers

Please send your complete resume to Mr. P. R. Smith, Office 11, Employment Dept.

Division of United Aircraft Corporation
East Hartford 8, Connecticut

  1. Hirudinea says: December 11, 20124:59 pm

    He was working on Atomic Aircraft? Hope he had a backup plan.

  2. Stephen says: December 12, 20125:29 am

    A lot of money was wasted, I mean, spent on that project, but the engine they ended up with only generated a tenth of the thrust needed. They gave up around 1960.

  3. Stephen Edwards says: December 16, 20123:14 pm

    The expression on his face suggests he already knows he will work half his life on the project only to see it fail and be canceled.

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