Your FREE copy of this new “NATIONAL” style book offers Lowest Prices in years…! (Oct, 1930)

It’s not every day you see an ellipsis followed by an exclamation point…!

Your FREE copy of this new “NATIONAL” style book offers Lowest Prices in years…!

IF you have not yet received your copy of this season’s money-saving “NATIONAL” Style Book, send for it today without fail. In this beautiful book you will find displayed the newest styles — the favored New York and Paris fashions—at America’s Lowest Prices — low prices that have not been possible for many years.

This new “NATIONAL” Style Book is more to you than a beautiful array of coats, hats, dresses, shoes — of everything for every member of your family. It is your true measure of clothing value.

America’s Lowest Prices!

This year we have the greatest opportunity in our history to serve you. Prices for cottons, silks, woolens — all raw materials are lower in price than at any time since the war. Consequently our buyers have been able to buy this season’s requirements at rock bottom prices.

So well has this buying been done that in this great new Fall and Winter Style Book you will find America’s lowest prices. And remember, that prices are not low unless quality is high. At “NATIONAL” your savings are always doubled by the longer service that “NATIONAL” quality insures.

The “NATIONAL” Style Book Clothes the Entire Family.

For 43 years we have been style specialists. We clothe the entire family for dress, work or play; we also furnish everything in dry goods for the home at the lowest prices—quality for quality—in America. You will always find lower prices at “NATIONAL” because we buy for cash and sell for cash, and these cash savings are all passed on to you.

So write today for your own copy of the “NATIONAL” Fall and Winter Style Book. See for yourself the remarkable savings and pleasure the “NATIONAL” Style Book, with its unequaled values, will bring to you this season.

Mail the Coupon today

NATIONAL Bellas Hess Co. Inc.
New York and Kansas City.

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  1. Mick Canick says: April 5, 20126:08 pm

    I can’t wait to see what the low price is for free.

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