Your handy phones away from home (Jul, 1958)

Your handy phones away from home

Quick, easy way to keep in touch and get things done wherever you are. Convenient public telephones save you time, money and trouble.

A LIGHT IN THE DARK —More and more outdoor telephone booths are being placed at convenient locations and are available for service 24 hours a day. They supplement the hundreds of thousands of public telephones in buildings, stores, hotels, gas stations, airports, railroad stations and bus terminals.

The Call That Saves a Dinner. Take a moment to make a thoughtful call home when you’re late. Saves worry as well as the dinner.

“I’ve Been Thinking About You.” Someone would like to hear from you. So obey that nice impulse to call. There’s always a telephone nearby.

“He Wants Immediate Delivery.” A quick telephone call is a big help in making appointments, reporting orders and speeding deliveries.

“We’ll Be There About Ten.” When you’re traveling, it’s always a good idea to telephone ahead for rooms or tell friends when you’ll arrive.


  1. GaryM says: February 28, 201110:39 am

    There should have been one more panel: “This is a job for Superman!”

  2. Don says: February 28, 201112:42 pm

    It’s a shame they went away. Not being able to text from them did them in, I guess . . . .

  3. carlm says: March 1, 20113:16 am

    You could send text messages from a payphone in the 1950s. They were called Telegrams.

  4. carlm says: March 1, 20113:19 am

    How many college students can you cram into a cell phone? http://www.fiftiesweb.c…

  5. DouglasUrantia says: March 1, 201110:46 am

    vandalism did away with coin pay phones + the use of cell phones.

  6. John says: March 1, 201112:24 pm

    DouglasUrantia: “did away with”? correct as usual.
    Looks like they are still around to me…

  7. cwnidog says: March 1, 20111:49 pm

    Carl, you can fit as many students as you can get into the photo.

  8. DouglasUrantia says: March 1, 20113:03 pm

    John: Thanks for your usual sarcasm.

  9. John says: March 1, 20113:45 pm

    DouglasUrantia: No problem. I’ll opt for my usual sarcasm and factual over pompous and wrong any day.

  10. DouglasUrantia says: March 1, 20115:53 pm

    John: Not word of my post is pompous or wrong. You’ve got some serious anger issues.

  11. John says: March 1, 20115:58 pm

    DouglasUrantia: When you do away with something its not there anymore. I proved that they are there. Payphones exist. That’s whats known as wrong. As far as your psychoanalysis that’s about as correct as your usual assertions.

  12. DouglasUrantia says: March 1, 201110:42 pm

    Public telephones are very rare today when compared to 50 years ago. Even freeway emergency phones are almost impossible to find in most states. The personal cell phone has replaced the need for pay phones in most locations. I have encountered pay phones at the airport but they only accepted a credit card or prepaid card. Vandalism of coin public phones has spelled the end of most all coin phones.

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