“YOU’RE TELLING ME!” (Mar, 1940)


“That’s a funny one. You’re telling me what a great thing the telephone is. As if I didn’t know!

“Why, I’m one of the main reasons there’s a telephone in our house. For you can bet your life I keep the folks pretty busy around here.

“Just think! If we didn’t have a telephone, we couldn’t order things in a hurry from the stores. And Grandma couldn’t call up to ask if I had a new tooth. And my Daddy couldn’t talk to us when he is out of town. And Mother would be tied down just something awful.

“And suppose one of us suddenly took sick? Or there was a fire? Or a robber, maybe? Well, I don’t worry about those things when I see the telephone.

“‘Doesn’t cost much either,’ my Daddy says. And Mother says, ‘I don’t know what I’d do without it.'”


  1. experiment 626 says: January 22, 20138:40 am

    I can see this face becoming a meme somehow.

  2. Charlene says: January 22, 201311:55 am

    That baby looks seventy-five years old.

    Of course, by now he is….

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