You’re TWICE as Handsome Since You Gained 10 Lbs. (Oct, 1935)

You’re TWICE as Handsome Since You Gained 10 Lbs.

It’s a crime to be SKINNY When Thousands Gain 10 to 15 Pounds

This Special, Quick Way EVEN if you never could gain an ounce—even if you seem “born” to be skinny and friendless—remember thousands have gained solid, naturally attractive flesh this new, easy way—in just a few weeks!

And not only has this new discovery given great numbers normal pounds, but also a naturally clear radiant skin, freedom from indigestion and constipation wonderful new pep.

Sensational new discovery.

Scientists recently discovered that thousands of people are thin and rundown for the single reason that they do not get enough Vitamin B and iron in their daily food. Now the richest known source of body-building, digestion-strengthening Vitamin B is ale yeast. By a new process the finest ale yeast, imported from Europe, is now concentrated 7 times, making it 7 times more powerful. Then it is combined with 3 kinds of blood-building iron in pleasant little tablets known as Ironized Yeast tablets.

If you, too, are one of the hosts of thin people who only need these vital elements to build them up, get these amazing new Ironized Yeast tablets from your druggist today. Then, day after day, watch flat chest develop and skinny limbs round out to natural attractiveness. Constipation and indigestion from the same cause quickly vanish, skin clears to normal good looks, new pep comes— you’re an entirely new person.

Try it — guaranteed.

No matter how skinny and rundown you may be. try these new Ironized Yeast tablets Just a short time, and note the marvelous change. See if they don’t build you up in Just a few weeks, give you new health and new normal good looks, as they have thousands of others. Results are positively guaranteed. If you’re not delighted with the benefits of the very first package, your money will be instantly refunded Only don’t be deceived by the many cheaply prepared “Yeast and Iron” tablets sold in imitation of Ironized Yeast. These cheap counterfeits usually contain only the lowest grade of ordinary yeast and iron, and cannot possibly give the same results as the scientific Ironized Yeast formula. Be sure von get genuine Ironized Yeast Look for “IY” stamped on each tablet.

Special FREE offer!

To start you building up your health right away, we make this absolutely FREE offer. Purchase a package of Ironized Yeast tablets at once, cut out the seal on the box and mail it to us with a clipping of this paragraph. We will send you a fascinating new book on health, “New Facts About Your Body.” by a well-known authority. Remember, results are guaranteed with the very first package—or money refunded. At all druggists. Ironized Yeast Co.. Inc.. Dept. 5610. Atlanta. Ga

  1. Kosher Ham says: February 8, 201112:32 pm

    Next time remember to place the rolled up sock in the front of your swimming suit, not the back 😉

  2. DouglasUrantia says: February 8, 20113:52 pm

    this has to be long before the invention of fast food….

    Kosher: ya got that right

  3. carlm says: February 8, 201111:55 pm

    I love a compliment from a disembodied head. Hey wait! its brewer’s yeast. Sold in all vitamin departments. I’ve gained 80 pounds after I quit smoking. That makes me 9 times as handsome!

  4. carlm says: February 9, 201112:03 am

    It looks like our friend in the picture is going to get some head – Ba-da-bum

  5. Stephen says: February 9, 20115:32 am

    carlm: ^ LOL. Also: ^^ LOL.

  6. joe desantis says: February 18, 201112:43 am

    i think you would never see an ad like this because americans are so overweight now. i dont think they seek out gaining weight haha!

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