YOURS Without Extra Charge – 1929 ATLAS (Sep, 1929)

They had me at “Red Fabrikoid”.

YOURS Without Extra Charge – 1929 ATLAS

Given to readers of Modern Mechanics who take advantage of this offer now made in connection with Webster’s New International Dictionary

Universal Question Answerer
To Solve Question Games, Cross Word Puzzles, whatever your question, you will find the answer in the NEW INTERNATIONAL. It is accepted as the highest authority everywhere.

Words of Recent Interest
audio-frequency, picture bride, eugenism, Hooverize, broadcast, altimeter, kick-back, surtax, behaviorism, Arlen, hokum. These are but a few from the thousands of late words—-all clearly defined in this great work.

The “Supreme Authority”

The Merriam-Webster
A Complete Reference Library in Dictionary Form—with 3,000 pages and type matter equivalent to a 15-Volume Encyclopedia, all in a single volume. India-Paper Edition in Rich, Full Red Leather or Government Test Tan Buckram Binding, also Regular Edition in strong Red Fabrikoid, can now be secured by readers of Modern Mechanics on the following remarkably easy terms.

DELIVERED FOR $1.00 with easy monthly payments thereafter (on approved orders in United States and Canada)

Reduced About ONE-HALF
in Thickness and Weight as compared with the Regular Paper Edition

India-Paper EDITION printed on thin, opaque, strong, superior India Paper. It has an excellent printing surface, resulting in remarkably clear impressions of type and illustrations. What a satisfaction to own the new Merriam-Webster in a form so light and so convenient to use! This edition is only about one-half the thickness and weight of the regular edition. Size 12 3/8 in, x 9-3/4 in. x 2-3/4 in. Weight, 8-3/4 lbs.

Regular Paper EDITION Printed on strong book paper of the highest quality. Size 12-3/8 in. x 9-3/4 in. x 5-1/2 in. Weight, 17 lbs. Both editions are printed from the same plates and indexed.

Over 408,000 Vocabulary Terms, and, in addition, 12,000 Biographical Names, nearly 32,000 Geographical Subjects, besides thousands of other References. 3,000 Pages. Over 6,000 Illustrations.

Constantly improved and kept up to date. TO THOSE WHO MAIL THIS COUPON AT ONCE G. & C. Merriam Co., Springfield, Mass.

HOME OFFICE Dept. S Publishers of Genuine Webster Dictionaries for Over 82 Years Please send me free of all obligation or expense complete information including “125 Interesting Questions” with references to their answers; striking “Facsimile Color-Plate” of the new bindings with terms of your Atlas offer on Webster’s New International Dictionary to Modern Mechanics readers.

The Atlas Is the 1929 ”New Reference Atlas of the World,” containing 180 pages. Maps are beautifully printed in colors and include recent changes in boundaries, airway maps, and latest census figures, etc., all handsomely bound in cloth, size 9-3/4 x 12-1/2 inches.

  1. Charlene says: May 17, 201012:04 am

    You think “Fabrikoid” was in the dictionary?

  2. Toronto says: May 17, 20107:53 am

    I know some of these ‘new words’ but others have timed out.

    audio-frequency – common now.
    picture bride – I’d guess “mail order bride” supplanted this, and it too is fading.
    eugenism – went down in popularity after WWII.
    Hooverize – to vacuum, or to do a good job under bad circumstances but be pilloried for it.
    See “Carterize.”
    broadcast – common now.
    altimeter – common now.
    kick-back – common now.
    surtax – common now.
    behaviorism – common now.
    Arlen – Home of King of the Hill?
    hokum – common now but fading fast.

  3. Tim says: May 17, 201011:10 am

    a brand of waterproof fabric having a cloth foundation and a pyroxylin surface, used esp. as a substitute for leather in bookbindings, upholstery, etc.
    (pyroxylin – A highly flammable nitrocellulose used in the manufacture of collodion, plastics, and lacquers.)

  4. Firebrand38 says: May 17, 20101:23 pm

    Another fine Dupont product…

  5. James Schend says: May 17, 20106:18 pm

    You can tell it’s a good book because it’s heavy. They sell words by weight!

  6. StanFlouride says: May 17, 20106:57 pm

    I thought ‘Red Fabrikoid’ was the name of a trouble-shooting robot in a Heinlein novel.

  7. Toronto says: May 17, 20107:23 pm

    Win to Stan!

  8. blueferretdog says: May 20, 20104:14 pm

    A door to door salesman who went by the alias of “Buzzy” Stubs sold those when I was in high school in the 60’s., with the atlas, I am sure it was an “updated” edition, the pitch was that every serious student should have one, and the punchline to a lot of jokes was “I’ll bet he has a “Buzzy” Stubbs dictionary. (Only $19.95) They were still red.

  9. galessa says: May 24, 20107:29 am

    Fabrikoid was the mother of Naugahyde, both plastics on a fabric base. Fabrikoid was made of celluloid (aka pyroxylin) film and Nauga was made of vinyl plastic film.

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