Youthful Skipper Hits Off 10 m.p.h. Clip on “Aquacar” (Nov, 1932)

That’s a cute boat but, do sandals really make your feet bigger?

Youthful Skipper Hits Off 10 m.p.h. Clip on “Aquacar”
A TWIN-PONTOON “aquacar” has solved all navigation problems for young Billy Barrud, of Lake Arrowhead, Calif. Eight paddles on each side wheel enable him to back up or speed ahead, merely by turning the handles in the direction he desires to go. Each pontoon is six feet long, canvas covered. Other parts are built from scrap wood. The boat is no slow poke, for it can hit off a neat clip of 10 miles per hour. $4 was the total cost of the contraption.


Why Women’s Shoes Are Bigger
WOMEN’S shoes must be wider and differently shaped this winter because so many women wore sandals through the summer, is the prediction of a New York foot specialist. This summer’s styles have marked what is probably the closest to bare feet that shoes can come, allowing an unprecedented degree of freedom to the foot.|

  1. Stannous says: September 19, 200711:46 am

    10 mph? I doubt it, the average pace of an Olympic long distance runner is about 12.5.

    and No.

  2. Chakolate says: September 19, 20076:18 pm

    Sandals can make it hard to fit back into regular shoes if the regular shoes are too tight to begin with. Some women squeeze into too-small shoes. I’ve never understood why.

  3. Blurgle says: September 20, 200712:12 am

    One reason, Chakolate, is that 99.99% of shoes come in either B width only or B and AA only. If you have wider feet you’re really restricted to a few utterly hideous great-grandmother-from-Ukraine styles unless you’re rich enough to pay $150 for a pair of shoes, which most of us are not.

    Not to mention that although men say they think women who wear uncomfortable shoes are dumb, when we do wear comfortable shoes they instantly assume we’re either slobby or gay and treat us accordingly.

  4. Erika says: September 20, 20077:00 am

    You mean that my shoes aren’t what makes me slobby or gay? sheesh…well, slobby anyway.

    My feet are noticeably wider since I stopped working outside the home, in the fashion industry. I would estimate that they have gone from being a very very very squished C to at least a EE – but still with a narrow heel.

    Solution? I go bare foot at home, wear Ecco sandals (bought at a clear-out) in the car (yup, they’re not *that* cute), and hunt for clogs in the winter.

    Slobby? perhaps…but no more horrendous foot/leg/back pain 😉

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