ZENITH presents another HEARING TRIUMPH! (Jun, 1958)

ZENITH presents another HEARING TRIUMPH!



Proof again that model for model, and feature for feature . . . you can’t buy better quality and performance at any price!

Zenith Leadership! Compare the performance and beauty of Zenith’s newest Eyeglass Hearing Aid. Lightweight, no clothing noise or dangling cords. Use the telephone at ear level. Unit available for either ear.

“Both ear” hearing! Ideal for many people .. . buy a unit for each ear for added realism, clarity and direction of sound.

Ten transistorized models! Zenith has a specialized unit for every type of hearing loss correctable electronically… made to meet quality standards that have made Zenith the world’s largest manufacturer of hearing aids.

Advantages of Zenith Quality:
10-Day Money-Back Guarantee! Complete satisfaction or your money refunded. • 1-Year Warranty, proof of Quality! Zenith states all details in writing. • 5-Year Protective Service Plan! Low cost reconditioning. Written guarantee. • Sensible Prices: From $50.

See Your Competent Zenith-trained Dealer Now. He’s listed in the “Yellow Pages” and will gladly arrange a private appointment for demonstration or adjustment.

Zenith Quality Hearing Aids

*Lenses, frame fronts, and related professional services in connection with the Zenith Eyeglass Hearing Aid are extra and available only through your ophthalmologist, optometrist or optician.

  1. tb says: October 15, 20119:17 am

    Damn things still don’t work right. (Ask my great uncle and the 6000. he shelled out).

  2. Hirudinea says: October 15, 201110:12 am

    And if you don’t want to hear how geeky you look just turn the hearing aid off.

  3. Charlene says: October 15, 201111:48 am

    Why did anyone ever think that cat’s eye glasses were attractive?

  4. Kosher Ham says: October 15, 201112:11 pm

    Today you can buy cheap hearing aids that resemble bluetooth accessories and cover up the fact that you are really hearing impaired.

    Re: the Cat’s eyeglasses— that same folks who thought Granny Glasses were unattractive on women! (Interesting why wire rimmed glasses seem to be more tasteful even now, save for the rayban plastic/tortoise shelled ‘wayfarer’ glasses.)

  5. woofer says: October 16, 20116:14 pm

    I knew a lady who used a two aid model of this and it was the only way she could hear. In 1958, this was a life-changer

  6. Tim says: October 17, 201110:13 am

    Without cat’s eye glasses, The Far Side just wouldn’t have been the same…

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