5,000-pound Devil Fish Is Caught (Apr, 1934)

Damn, that’s a big Manta.

5,000-pound Devil Fish Is Caught

A GIANT Manta Devil Fish became entangled in the anchor and anchor rope of Captain A. L. Kahn’s fishing boat while he was angling just off the shore of New Jersey, almost capsizing the heavy boat.

A Coast Guard vessel came to the rescue, and killed the 5,000-pound monster Manta Birostris with 22 shots from a high-powered rifle. The sail-like fish has been mounted and placed on exhibition by Captain Kahn.

An 18-inch baby Manta was born shortly after the mother fish was dragged ashore.

These huge ray fish are seldom seen, since they live in the deepest parts of the sea.

  1. Neil Russell says: December 25, 200710:15 am

    The Flying Sub is prepared for launch!

  2. jayessell says: December 25, 200711:32 am


    (Too soon?)

  3. Stannous says: December 25, 20071:00 pm

    Manta rays are filter feeders and primarily planktivores. They often slowly swim in vertical loops. Some researchers suggest this is done to keep the rays prey within the area while feeding. Their large, gaping mouths and cephalic lobes unfurled are used to corral planktonic crustaceans and small schooling fish. This species does not have a barbed tail so it cannot impale Australians who pester them.
    Also, they are not bottom dwelling, rarely venturing below 120m.

  4. Neil Russell says: December 25, 20071:47 pm

    “Their large, gaping mouths and cephalic lobes unfurled are used to corral planktonic crustaceans and small schooling fish”

    Sounds like me at a seafood buffet

  5. Thundercat says: December 26, 200712:32 pm

    They killed the Black Manta! The Legion of Doom will not be pleased!

  6. Lost Soul says: December 26, 200712:45 pm

    April 1st by any chance?

  7. Charlie says: December 26, 200712:51 pm

    According to wikipedia the Manta ray can be up to 5,000 lbs and 25 feet across. So it is quite possible that it’s real.


  8. josh says: December 26, 20071:29 pm

    reminds me of princess mononoke, killing gods.

  9. diogenesus says: December 26, 20079:02 pm

    my god ..what creatures you have created to get tangled on up in our lines? fathoms deep and unknown, poetic and profound.

    I love it.
    beautiful work!

  10. diogenesus says: December 26, 20079:04 pm

    oh man, Stannous, that’s close to great!

  11. diogenesus says: December 26, 20079:12 pm

    you know what? I think I’ve seen this photo before, only what here on this site is but part of the entire original..
    just oustside of your image is a lil’ sprout ( looks a little like Opie from Ron Howard’s youth) holding the baby of the baby of the mother caught.
    Tripple Action!

  12. Lost Soul says: December 27, 20079:46 am

    I’ll still bet a beer that it’s a fake. Either that or it’s the most rigid beast ever pulled from the sea.

  13. Steve says: December 27, 20078:42 pm

    lol, yea… theres no such thing as rigor mortis. That’s a lie old women tell their grandchildren…

    I’ll still bet a beer that it’s a fake. Either that or it’s the most rigid beast ever pulled from the sea.

    Comment by Lost Soul — December 27, 2007 @ 9:46 am

  14. Roscoe D. White says: December 27, 20078:51 pm

    Hell…I’ll take that them beer boy, I once caught a catfish bigger than that there “Devil Fish!”
    How can you say it’s a fake!
    Get a Brain!

  15. Jessica Short says: December 27, 200710:22 pm

    What a shame.
    This great fish should have been alive.
    I wonder why this men in the picture do not respect a great fish like this. I mean they could just leave it alive to earn some extra money with tourists or aquarium visitors.

  16. ana says: December 28, 20073:13 am

    i agree with jessica.


    ..you find something rare..and you kill it.

    good job America!

  17. bill says: December 28, 20075:12 am

    Read the article, it was going to capsize the boat. America is fucked up right now, but you can’t blame us for everything. Get a life. I’m sure whatever country you’re from has committed some heinous shit in the past as well.

  18. Anglictina says: December 28, 20075:48 am

    Wow, this fish is really great

  19. Sporkinum says: December 28, 20071:51 pm

    Kahn!!!!! Kahn!!!!!

  20. ex says: December 29, 20078:35 pm

    looks like this happened in the 1920s or ’30s.
    look at the clothing and crane.

  21. Charlie says: December 30, 200712:47 pm

    ex: Using my keen powers of deduction, given the clothing and crane, and the date of the magazine above the picture, I’d guess it was from 1934.

  22. daniel says: May 28, 20088:49 am

    just for the guy who was talking about wikipedia….
    wikipedia can have fake facts
    because people can post up stuff and it doesnt have to be true



  23. Madison says: May 13, 20098:58 pm


  24. Kai says: May 19, 20096:30 pm

    bloody hell mess with his boat and you face the wrath of kahn!! I bet that fish wishes it didn’t Klingon to the anchor!!!!!!!!!!sorry I really am drunk

  25. James says: September 16, 20098:12 am

    Wooow. This is incredible! I always knew there are fish that is very big.

  26. brad says: January 25, 201011:41 am

    this is only an average sized devil fish and isnt it a biggin wow

  27. kaden says: November 16, 20118:09 am


  28. GordO says: December 20, 201112:18 am

    This is one of at least three photos taken on the occasion. Consequently, I believe it to be a truthful representation and not a skillfully manipulated image. The ray was not taken on a fishing line, but had to be towed ashore because it had become entangled in the anchor rode.

    The date and place were August 26, 1933 off Brielle, New Jersey, USA.

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