$513 Clear Profit in 51 Days from an Investment of $150 (Feb, 1909)

$513 Clear Profit in 51 Days from an Investment of $150

In the result from the operation of one American Box Ball Alley in Sullivan, Ind. Why not go into this business yourself? It is the most practical and popular bowling game in existence. It will make big money in any town. These alleys pay from $25.00 to $65.00 each, per week. This is no gambling device, but a splendid bowling game for amusement and physical exercise. Liberally patronized by the best people of both sexes. Quickly installed, conveniently portable. No pin boy needed. Receipts are nearly all profit. Nearly 5,000 sold to date. We sell on payments and our catalog is free.

Write for catalog. AMERICAN BOX BALL CO., Patentees, 1836 Van Buren St., INDIANAPOLIS, IND.

  1. Hirudinea says: December 13, 20122:19 pm

    Never heard of “Box Ball” before, from the ad it looks like the alley is raised off the ground and the balls about the size of 5 pin bowling balls, has anyone else heard of this before?

  2. JMyint says: December 14, 20126:29 am

    You’ll find a bit of the history of Box Ball here.


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