A Carbonic Acid Refrigerator (Mar, 1930)

A Carbonic Acid Refrigerator

A REFRIGERATOR that works by means of fluid carbonic acid has been invented by Dr. Otto Liesegang, of Berlin. Through immediate gassification of the acid, which is held in a valve, a temperature of 80 degrees below zero is produced in the cooling apparatus resulting in a speedy freezing of ice or icecream. The main apparatus stands on the top shelf of the box at the right to permit use of the left side for storage purposes.

  1. JediaKyrol says: July 12, 201212:38 pm

    Yeah! Freeze that bowl of fruit solid! That’ll show ’em!

    on the other hand…-80 is not cold enough…the modern model should use liquid helium

  2. Hirudinea says: July 12, 20122:41 pm

    “Jimmy’s mommy always has the coldest popsicles!” It would be good for making icecream though, the faster its frozen the smother it is.

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