A Dry-Ice Oxygen Tent for Infants (Oct, 1938)

I’m not exactly a medical expert, but this seems like a bad idea. CO2 stimulates respiration because you can’t breathe it. Though this tent would probably work great for a baby tree.

A Dry-Ice Oxygen Tent for Infants

IN the constant battle to cut down the infant mortality rate due to diseases easily contracted when vitality is relatively low, physicians have developed a new type of oxygen tent, which uses dry-ice in combination with the oxygen. Of course, it is a well-known fact that carbon dioxide stimulates respiration; dry-ice is pure carbon dioxide.

The new oxygen tent is easily arranged behind the infant’s crib and a transparent envelope is let down to lead the gases to the youngster. How this apparatus works was demonstrated at the annual convention of the American Medical Association, attended by 7,000 physicians. However, instead of using an infant, a life-size doll was substituted for the patient. So simple and convenient is the apparatus that the physician can transport it to the bedside of his patient. It is a safety factor for childbirths taking place at home.

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  1. Sorcerer Mickey says: September 14, 20072:08 pm

    And when Baby’s looking a bit pale, there the Acme Carbon MOnoxide Tent to add a little color to his cheeks!

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