A Gay Family (May, 1934)

How very progressive.

And yes, I know that’s not what they meant.

A Gay Family

by Ethel Boileau

This delightful book has now become one of the most popular novels of the present season.

As one of the readers of this book expressed it, “‘A Gay Family’ appeals to those of us who enjoy a well written and unusually entertaining story about nice people. It is definitely a book for nice people who have breeding and character and culture.

“It is a book which will delight those of us who want to get away from ourselves, from our families, and from the humdrum of everyday life.

“It is so full of romance, so gay, so wholesome, so refreshing — perhaps that is the secret of its fascination.

“It’s a grand story for any reader in sickbed, deck chair, pullman seat or chaise longue. It’s the life you’d like to live.”

We not only recommend this book—we GUARANTEE* IT.

*THE GUARANTEE If you don’t enjoy it, return it to your bookseller; he, in turn, has the privilege of returning it to us.

Now in its 10th printing

  1. Stephen says: September 20, 20124:11 am

    “For nice people who have breeding and character and culture” – so presumably if you don’t like it, you don’t have any of those things. Probably you’d find you couldn’t see the Emperor’s new clothes either.

  2. Bill Thompson says: February 6, 201312:44 pm

    “Gay” is such an innocent, cheerful, expressive word. Such a shame that it has been co-opted and pigeonholed into such a narrow and inflexible shape, forever removing it from the general lexicon.

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