Ad: More Doctors Smoke Camels THAN ANY OTHER CIGARETTE! (Apr, 1946)

There is a Doctor in the House — and it took a minimum of $15,000 and 7 years’ hard work and study to get him there!

According to a recent Nationwide survey: More Doctors smoke camels THAN ANY OTHER CIGARETTE!

Family physicians, surgeons, diagnosticians, nose and throat specialists, doctors in every branch of medicine … a total of 113,597 doctors … were asked: “What cigarette do you smoke?” And more of them named Camel as their smoke than any other cigarette! Three independent research groups found this to be a fact.

Next time, get Camels. Compare them in your “T-Zone.”

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  1. […] note: this is hilarious! Apparently, more doctors smoke Camel cigarettes than any other brand!Old skool advertising really […]

  2. Village Idiot says: June 19, 20074:38 pm

    I would like to administer a “T-Zone test” to the model pictured in the ad.

  3. blast says: June 30, 200711:41 am

    Oh, please! Their teeth are bright white. Real smokers have yellow teeth.

    Did you notice they didn’t say how many doctors don’t smoke at all? Wonder where one could find the results of this research…

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