Advertising ODDITIES Attract Attention (Oct, 1930)

Advertising ODDITIES Attract Attention

THE milk delivery truck illustrated at the right, in addition to attracting attention through its unusual bus-like design, incorporates several distinctive features which make it especially suitable for this type of work.

The floor of the truck is built low and the doors are wide to make frequent entrance and exit easy. The car is driven from a standing position and is designed for frequent starting and stopping. The roomy body is fitted with racks to hold the various sizes of milk bottles.

An Original Quick Lunch Wagon

THIS very original quick lunch wagon may be seen on the streets of Le Touquet, France, during the summer months. The owner has built it up on an old automobile chassis so that it shall, as far as possible, represent an old style thatched cottage, the idea being, it is presumed, to suggest old fashioned home cooking.

The car disports window boxes filled with growing flowers, leaded pane windows, and a brick chimney, while the body panelling of the car is finished to represent old-fashioned brickwork.

During the summer tourist season the car is driven to strategic points where it offers for sale such delicacies as hamburgers, hot dogs, snails, and the usual French wine.

Cider Jug Suggests Wares

THIS odd looking roadside soft drink parlor is two stories high and serves cider and orange juice to passing motorists. Situated at a bend of the road where it may be seen for some distance, it fairly shrieks its wares at the passers-by with its unique design in the form of a cider jug with an orange perched on top. The walls are painted the color of the old earthen cider jug, the orange is painted in the flaming natural color of that delectable fruit.

  1. John says: March 24, 20119:14 am

    Seems the dairy company is no more. Wound up as a subsidiary of Sealtest…

  2. DouglasUrantia says: March 24, 201110:45 am

    There are about the same number of milk cows today as there were in 1920 [USA]. Big difference is that today’s cows give much more milk due to special breeding.

  3. John says: March 24, 201111:23 am

    DouglasUrantia: Although you’re correct about the increased milk production per cow I don’t know where you got your herd size numbers from. There are a little over nine million dairy cows in the United States. In the 1920 census there were 19,675,397 dairy cows in the country according to Page 654 of this report http://www.agcensus.usd…

    This also makes sense because on page eight of this report… the dairy herd consisted of 21,936,000 dairy cows in 1940.

  4. LightningRose says: March 26, 20113:35 pm

    Today in Denver there is an ice cream shop in a giant old fashioned milk can.


    And very good ice cream it is! 🙂

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