Agents $7 a Day (May, 1930)

Agents $7 a Day

Can be made selling guaranteed hosiery. Must wear and satisfy or replaced. Newest styles. Finest silk hosiery that can’t be beat. Big money daily, weekly, monthly. Steady year around business. I want agents who can sell, and

Make $3000 A Year

Sell 6 to 12 pairs in one family, a regular endless chain business, good for 300 days a year. Repeat orders come fast. Our money back guarantee protects your customers. Our authorized agents are given silk hose for their own use. Write today for sample outfit and new selling plan and earn hundreds of dollars in double-quick time.

SILKNIT HOSIERY CO. Desk 187, Dayton, Ohio

  1. Pat Flannery says: June 30, 201111:39 pm

    This became the basis for a lot of erotic comedy of the time, when the male stocking salesman showed up at the prospective female customer’s house while her husband was at work, ranking right up there with a milkman doing his regular deliveries of “fresh warm cream” in the morning. 😀
    There’s even a “Tijuana Bible” story devoted to the stocking salesman concept.

  2. John says: July 1, 20118:58 am

    Pat Flannery » Vaguely disturbing and sophomoric at the same time. If it’s warm I don’t know how “fresh ” it is.

  3. Charlene says: July 2, 20116:34 pm

    One wonders how well luxury items sold at this point in time. I have a suspicion that few silk stocking sellers were raking in the dough.

    (PS John, very fresh milk and cream are always warm, as cows don’t produce pre-chilled milk.)

  4. Charlene says: July 2, 20116:35 pm

    (PPS: I thought the joke was funny.)

  5. John says: July 2, 20117:06 pm

    Charlene » Duh! Not delivered warm though (but you knew that).

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