Air Freighters Have New Feet (Sep, 1947)

This system also flew during tests with the Convair B-36

Air Freighters Have New Feet

THIS new tractor type landing gear, now undergoing tests at Air Material Command headquarters, Wright Field, Ohio, is designed to enable heavy planes to land on runways which are not concrete-covered. The gear, which is similar to that used on tanks and was developed by the Firestone Rubber Co., was originated by the AMC early in the war. In present tests on heavy cargo planes, a rubber-wire cord combination has been found most efficient. Attempts are being made to develop a light-weight gear.

  1. Hirudinea says: April 17, 20125:41 pm

    Did this thing ever take off… I mean go anywhere… I mean was used?

  2. Stephen says: April 18, 20127:42 am

    There was an experiment with using this kind of tank-track landing gear on the B-36. It turned out, not surprisingly, to be far too heavy. I don’t think any operational aircraft used it.

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