AFTER months of top-secret tests, the Navy has partially lifted the wraps on its XF2Y-1 Sea-Dart, world’s first delta-wing seaplane, which uses retractable hydro-skis for take-off and landing.

MI’s cover and the Convair drawing above show what this sensational development may mean to commercial air travel of the future. Imagine a supersonic jetliner, too large to be handled efficiently at even our largest airports but perfectly capable of squatting at any of our innumerable seaports and being nuzzled to its dock by tugs! In addition to passenger convenience and greater capacity is the extra safety factor in trans-oceanic hops.

  1. Tom says: February 18, 200910:12 am

    I think I last saw the Sea Dart sitting outside the San Diego Aviation Museum in Balboa Park.

  2. JMyint says: February 18, 200910:32 am

    The good old Sea Dart a solution looking for a problem.

  3. Torgo says: February 19, 200911:25 pm

    Sadly the golden age of the seaplane had sailed by this point.

    I’ve never seen a Sea Dart in the water before, it sits very low. Batman should have bought one.

  4. Pete says: February 22, 201010:23 am

    The last test pilot for the Sea Dart broke his back from the pounding the aircraft took when riding on the “Hydro-Skis”.

  5. Firebrand38 says: February 22, 201010:53 am

    Pete: Nonsense. The last test pilot was named B.J. Long and he didn’t suffer a broken back from the Sea Dart. In an interview he gave to Air and Space magazine he said that it just about broke his back http://www.airspacemag….
    If you don’t know don’t guess.

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