Alarm Clock Closes Bedroom Window in the Morning (Feb, 1940)

Alarm Clock Closes Bedroom Window in the Morning

ALTHOUGH many methods of using an alarm clock to close a bedroom window in the early morning have been devised, one of the simplest is that illustrated. The window is adjusted to slide easily, and, if necessary, hot paraffin is applied to the runs. The weight is a piece of iron pipe with its lower end closed by a cap and its upper end by a wooden plug. Lead shot is poured into the pipe until it closes the window gently.

To hold the window up, an ordinary bolt is used as indicated. Beneath this an inexpensive alarm clock (with bell removed) is mounted on two screws by means of slotted holes in an L-shaped bracket soldered to the case. It can then be readily removed for winding. A piece of stiff wire is soldered to the alarm-winding key of the clock and bent so as to engage the hole in the bolt from which the knob has been removed. When the alarm goes off, the key turns the wire and slides the bolt back so that the window will immediately close automatically.—

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