All-Season Quilt Is Air-Conditioned (Sep, 1939)

All-Season Quilt Is Air-Conditioned

Lightweight quilts that will keep sleepers cool in summer as well as warm in winter, developed originally for use in hospitals, have now been placed on the market for the general public. By means of an electric fan, air that is artificially heated or chilled is blown through a flexible hose into the lining of the coverlet. Here the air is distributed evenly over the entire area of the quilt through branching air ducts, finally filtering through the porous inner lining.

  1. Cleanser says: May 21, 20086:33 am

    Way to over-engineer the problem… every considered just taking the blanket off when it’s hot out?

  2. Al Bear says: May 21, 20087:12 am

    Wouldn’t this thing have been very noisy? It cools you down, but you can’t sleep!

  3. Blurgle says: May 22, 20082:35 pm

    For Cleanser’s point – a lot of people can’t sleep without something with some weight on top of them. (Cue jokes about Catherine the Great.)

    Al Bear – I have to wonder. Although I know people with room air conditioners in their bedrooms who seem just fine with it.

    Myself…looking at this photo, I can’t help but be reminded by that old Easy Off commercial of the woman smirking in bed. “I’m cleaning my oven!”

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