ALWAYS ASK A MAN: Arlene Dahl’s Key To Femininity (Oct, 1965)

ALWAYS ASK A MAN: Arlene Dahl’s Key To Femininity

Just Published! ARLENE DAHL’S exciting new book for every woman who wants to be as attractive as she possibly can-

ARLENE DAHL SAYS: “Women are like snowflakes – no two in the world are exactly alike. Bring your own special feminine light out in the open and you’ll be surprised at how brightly it will shine — and how it will reflect an answering light in the eyes of men.”

In this new book Arlene Dahl gives you the distilled essence of the male viewpoint on sex appeal plus step-by-step female techniques you can use right away to achieve it.

Let her show you how to develop your own distinctive style of glamour, charm and personality—by discovering and highlighting your own special feminine virtues.

Find the magic difference that sets you apart from all the others—and you’ll become even more fascinating to men, and the envy of other women.

How to find your most desirable assets— and develop them to achieve radiant beauty and self-confident charm and glamour—is now told, step by simple step, in “ALWAYS ASK A MAN: ARLENE DAHL’S KEY TO

FEMININITY.” Here are just a few of the instructions Arlene Dahl gives you:
• How to create and project your own individual “beauty image.”
• How to turn your handicaps into assets.
• 17 things that “men don’t like” in a woman.
• How and when to use flattery – the secret ingredient of fascination.
• 7 points to achieve your goal of a new you – and a more exciting life.
• The Sophia Loren diet for curvaceous figure beauty.
• Do’s and don’ts about exercise to improve your measurements.
• 3 enemies of beautiful skin — and how to overcome them.
• Spot reducing—for hips, thighs, buttocks, abdomen, ankles.
• 9 skin problems and how to solve them.
• Secrets of eye make-up based on your hair and eye color.
• Secrets of stretching—for posture, body tone, circulation, and figure streamlining.
• Rules for beautiful, silky hair – a delight to see and touch.
• How to choose the most flattering hairstyle.
• How to select the clothes which will make you most appealing to a man.
• What hair color is best for you – a personality quiz that lets you determine if you should be blonde, brownette, redhead or brunette.
• How to cultivate an attractive voice.
• How to select a scent that offers the most effective expression of your femininity.
• 10 ideas to encourage romance.
• How to find out which colors and fashions suit you best.
• How to keep excitement and fun in your marriage.
• How to replace “instant sex” with instant allure and achieve its romantic promise.


Offered ONLY in this book! Guides you in the proper selection of foundation, powder, rouge and lipstick shades for your individual coloring. Handiest, most useful chart you’ve ever seen!

What Do Discerning Men Like in a Woman?

To back up her beliefs, Arlene Dahl writes, “I’ve interviewed hundreds of discerning males on the subject of women and beauty — stars of motion pictures, Broadway and television, statesmen, noblemen, businessmen, and members of international society. Each described his list of qualifications for the ideal woman. They may run the gamut in type from the intellectual to the athletic, but—without exception — every man put one quality above all others in describing his ideal. That one essential attribute which all men seek and admire in a woman is FEMININITY.”

Here is a tiny sampling of the dozens of quotes from celebrities you’ll find in Arlene Dahl’s fabulous book . . .

Kirk Douglas: “The first thing I look for in a woman is warmth — femininity. It’s got nothing to do with a pretty face.”

David Niven: “Humor is important. The most beautiful woman is a bore without that.”

Louis Jourdan: “A truly feminine woman should always retain a little air of mystery.”

Montgomery Clift: “The thing that bugs me is the average woman’s complete ignorance of the functional purpose of cosmetics, which is to supplement, not conceal.”

Richard Burton: “I like curves and poise and good carriage and clothes that show them off. Clothes should fit the outline of the body not disguise it.”

You’ll also find thoughtful remarks from such men as Burt Lancaster, Lawrence Harvey, Jose Iturbi, Danny Kaye, Marlon Brando, James Mason, Robert Taylor, Robert Ricci, Peter Ustinov, Noel Coward, Hugh O’Brian, Cary Grant, and many more!

Arlene Dahl is the internationally-famed motion picture, television and stage star who also writes a thrice-weekly syndicated beauty column which reaches 30,000,000 readers. Known as one of the most beautiful women in the world, she has always been eager to help other women achieve their full potential of feminine appeal. Now, in her new book she tells you how to enhance your femininity to become beautiful and charming in your own unique way.

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  1. Charlene says: August 10, 20126:07 am

    I’m not sure what’s more confusing here: the idea that Arlene Dahl is answering questions under a book entitled, “Always Ask a Man”, or that Montgomery Clift is pontificating on feminine allure.

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