Amateur Chemist’s Robot (Apr, 1936)

Amateur Chemist’s Robot
Hyman Cordon, chemical student, of Boston, with a “man” he built out of rubber, glass, and other scraps. It eats food and digests it in human fashion, having heart, intestines, lungs, bladder, etc. It was exhibited at a recent “science fair.” (Int. News)

  1. JM says: September 10, 20088:29 am

    Until it runs out of chemicals i suppose

  2. TW says: September 11, 20088:23 pm

    This is the kind of project that draws the chicks like an electromagnet! Hey, Hyman, dial down the studliness and leave some women for the rest of us!

  3. Vozpit says: September 12, 20085:44 am

    It was exhibited at a recent “science fair.”

    With the quotes, does this mean that it’s not really a science fair?

  4. B22 says: September 14, 20084:38 pm

    Maybe it was really an art exhibition, like this one:…

  5. B22 says: September 14, 20084:43 pm
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