Amazing Values (Dec, 1952)

Don’t take away Happy’s cigarette or he’ll have a nic fit, just like mommy!

Amazing Values

Happy the Cowboy

Hey kids — here’s your chance to become a master ventriloquist — In a jiffy! Imagine — you can make HAPPY the COWBOY actually talk!
(in your own voice, of count.) Pull the string in the back of his head —watch his lips move— hear your own words coming right out of HAPPY’S mouth! See how real he looks-rigged up in a cowboy hat, washable plaid shirt and western pants. . .Show off your skill at parties —at school! SEND NO MONEY. (C.O.D. you pay Postage. Remit with order, we pay postage.)

8 Metal Car “Action Fleet”

Fascinate the youngsters with hours of fun and action. Imagine-every car WORKS in the line of duty! 1 car with working windshield wiper, 2 cart with windows that open and close, 1 police car with gun that bangs and recoils, 1 ambulance with ringing and swaying bell, 2 taxis with motors that register fare, 1 fire chief car with bell that rings and sways. All cars made of durable steel . . . rubber wheels cannot come out • • • bottoms completely enclosed … all now Two-tone and metallic finish … all differently colored. SEND NO MONEY. (C.O.D., you pay postage. Remit with order, we pay postage.) Electra Jeep.

Here is the sensationally new scale model ELECTRA JEEP that captivates every child! Push the button and she goes forward, to the loft, to the right, or reverse. Runs outdoors on pavement or indoor on rug. Over 1/2 foot long with overall solid metal base and solid rubber wheels, and motor torque steering. Loads of fun for children and grownups alike! Rush your order today! SEND NO MONEY.

NOVELTY MART 59 East 8th Street, New York 3,N. Y.


  1. Myles says: June 9, 20109:30 am

    They should do another promotion for the ventriliquist cowboy doll now that Toy Story 3 is coming out. I love the smoking cigarette in its mouth. I used to love reading about the toys advertised, especially in comics, and was never happy with the crap they actually sent. Sure sounded good though.

  2. Bob says: June 9, 20106:09 pm

    After an afternoon of fun with Happy the Cowboy, little Jimmy sets him on top of his bedroom dresser. As Jimmy walks out of the room to go to dinner, Happy turns his head towards Jimmy and says in a shrill voice, “Hey kid! fetch me one of your old man’s smokes!”

  3. Firebrand38 says: June 9, 20106:16 pm

    Bob: Submitted for your approval….from the Twilight Zone.

  4. Fred S says: June 9, 20109:08 pm

    “There’s a snake in my boots!”

  5. jayessell says: June 10, 20109:44 am

    “You’ll be OK mister, but I can’t say as much for your friend.
    The way I heard it, he was the one mouthing off to
    those coyboys in the first place.”

    ((Thanks Mr. Larson))

  6. Mike says: June 12, 20105:52 am

    Jayssell, sort of obscure reference but I remember it.

    “REAL COWBOY OUTFIT” – yes as opposed to a small miniature version.

  7. Andrew L. Ayers says: June 13, 20104:51 pm

    “Motor Torque Steering” – turns in reverse?

  8. Toronto says: June 13, 20106:37 pm

    ALA: I think that means it turns by powering only one wheel (eg run left wheel to turn right, and vice versa.)

    I don’t remember those horrid ‘turns in reverse’ type toys until the ’70s.

  9. jayessell says: June 13, 20107:43 pm

    But come on!
    It’s the ventriloquist dummy from a Gary Larson cartoon!

    It’s closer than Fred’s ‘Toy Story 2’ reference!

  10. Firebrand38 says: June 13, 20108:58 pm

    Jay: It’s hard to be obscure if you’re going to list the cartoonist’s name.

  11. AyaReiko says: July 28, 201011:28 pm

    Adjusting for inflation, the dummy and the action fleet costs almost $24. It Jeep is nearly $32.

    It’s anybody’s guess what any of these would fetch for today… but I wouldn’t guess more than the values above.

  12. Firebrand38 says: August 1, 20106:09 pm

    AyaReiko: Actually for the dummy, I contacted the nice folks at http://www.ventriloquis…

    They replied:

    “That is a “Dummy Dan” sold by the Ralph Freundlich Co out of New York in the late 1930’s. Other companies would buy them and dress them and sell them under various names. You will see this doll sold on eBay all the time anywhere from $15 to $350.00 because people just don’t know. Usually they will call them a Charlie McCarthy which they really were not but they were sold at that time because of the popularity of Charlie.”
    -Dan Willinger

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